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The Biking Bug Bit Me Along The Alabama Gulf Coast


Sara riding bike

It had been several years since I had actually hopped on a bicycle. The biking bug bit me while exploring the Alabama Gulf Coast. And let me tell you, it felt awesome to get back on that seat. I had forgotten how great the view was from a set of handlebars. There’s adventure around every turn when you visit the Alabama Gulf Coast.

We picked up our bicycles at Beach Bike Rentals and we were off biking the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail complex which runs through Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama and the Gulf State Park.

The trail was a very short ride from the bicycle rental shop. There is a map at the entrance of the trail. In case you are wondering what the trail is all about, I would highly recommend that you stop to check it out.

There are several benches along the Backcountry Trail and I might add, it’s worth taking a break now and then. The scenery on this trail is amazing in places.

nature setting along trail

From the wildlife to the streams that trickle here and there, this trail is a good one. There’s a small hill here or there, but for the most part, it’s a flat trail. When you come across a sign like this, it’s important to make note and pay attention.

alligator sign

We did not see this alligator, but I have no doubt that it’s not unusual to see him crossing the path.

Boulder Park is a popular stop on the Backcountry Trail. It’s located approximately 2 miles from the Rosemary Dune Trailhead.

Sara in Boulder Park

A couple things to note if you plan to ride your bike on the Backcountry Trail. Keep to the right, as you will come upon people running and/or walking. Obey the 10 mph speed limit. This is not a trail for road biking. This is a trail for people that like to enjoy nature and take in all the beauty that nature has to offer. There is no camping allowed along the trail and you need to ride during daylight.

All in all, I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to ride the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. I conquered the side of a mountain in St. Maarten a few months ago and now I’m back in the biking frame of mind. I have a bike that I’m ready to pedal and I’m gearing up to hit a few trails over the course of summer 2016.

Thank you to Beach Bike Rentals for rental bicycles. 

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20 thoughts on “The Biking Bug Bit Me Along The Alabama Gulf Coast

  1. Kim Tackett

    My husband is an intense cyclist (he’s done 25+ century rides (100 miles in a day) and three double centuries. I am a casual weekend rider…I bought my bike for my 50th birthday, and she’s yellow. Her name is Flo, as in Go with the Flo! Enjoy your rides.

  2. SaraB Post author

    Alabama does not have many gators, except this one….. and probably others that stay hidden.

  3. Kanika

    The Alabama Gulf Coast looks amahzing. We have minuteman trail in Boston famous for biking but the views in Alabama definetly beats it 🙂

  4. travelling chingrita

    Alabama coast looks awesome, Florida already scares me re: Alligators given there are so many. I have to say that I admire that you got on those bikes to discover the beauties on a bike!

  5. SaraB Post author

    You aren’t kidding me, in regards to the food! The food along the Alabama Coast…… mouth watering, to say the least.

  6. SaraB Post author

    It’s a great way to get out and about. It also offers a new perspective of the sites around us.

  7. mark wyld

    Looks like a great place to go bike riding, sun and adventure abound by the looks of it. I think sometimes as adults we give up bike riding when we get cars and then re-discover the joys of it later in life.

  8. SaraB Post author

    Now that I know I can bike again…. I’m looking forward to some of my new adventures.

  9. SaraB Post author

    This was a great trail for families. And not sure if I wanted to see the gator, but it would have made things very interesting!

  10. Robin

    We love biking. Now that all three of our big kids are off training wheels our adventures are just beginning! Where hoping a little bit to see the gator?

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