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Exploring Balboa Island With Orange County Day Tripper: Ellen Bell

Balboa Island in Orange County did not disappoint. If you love the great state of California like I do, you know that there’s not much disappointment to be found. Ellen Bell of Orange County Day Tripper is an expert when it comes to travel and Orange County. While visiting California, I had the pleasure of having Ellen Bell lead a group tour that I was on.

Balboa Island Tour Group

Balboa Island was stunning! The main street had several fun, little shops and of course; featured the ever famous frozen banana. Have you had one?

Dad's Frozen Banana

Walking the main street in Balboa Island was beautiful, in fact, I could have walked back and forth the main drag several times. So many fun shops and restaurants that featured coffee and fresh seafood. Dining in the open air is always a fun experience and Balboa Island does not disappoint when it comes to food options.

We took a stroll through the Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society. The history of Balboa Island is showcased here. Make time to visit, as it’s worth viewing. Ellen, of Orange County Day Tripper, answered all of our questions and more.

Ellen in museum

Our group took a stroll around the island and I must say that the views in general, were not too shabby!

paddle boarder

Balboa Island reminded me of how beautiful our coasts are. Living in the midwest, my views are often corn fields and occasional rolling hills. The island life and ocean views are one thing that I love about visiting California.

We ventured off of Balboa Island, over to Balboa, by ferry.

ferry Balboa

We boarded the ferry coming in. It’s not big, but within a few minutes, you are on board, crossing the water and setting foot on Balboa. Truly a fun experience and a quick way to get over to Balboa or return to Balboa Island.

We dined at the Lighthouse Bayview Cafe. The food was excellent and the views were also amazing!

server at lLighthouse

A day with Orange County Day Tripper is one you won’t regret. If there’s one thing I learned from a day with Ellen of Orange County Day Tripper, it’s the fact that Orange County offers much more than amusement parks. Stunning water views, tasty food and an opportunity to stroll and shop.

Ellen of Orange County Day Trippers will help you build your ideal tour of Orange County. Give Ellen a call at (949)-230-4100 or email her at to make arrangements. Ellen will travel at the pace you desire. If you want to see something a little off the beaten path, let her know, as she will make it happen.

Have you visited Balboa Island? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

*Thank you to Ellen Bell of Orange County Day Tripper for hosting a fun, educational tour.

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16 thoughts on “Exploring Balboa Island With Orange County Day Tripper: Ellen Bell

  1. SaraB Post author

    She was amazing and we all know how important a great tour guide is.

  2. Suzanne Stavert

    As a Southern Californian, it was fun to see Balboa from your perspective. It is and always has been charming and a wonderful little place to visit. It sounds like Ellen did an amazing job!

  3. Tonya

    I love eclectic towns like these and California is full of them. Looks like you had an amazing time and it’s always fun to hang with the girls.

  4. SaraB Post author

    Ellen was awesome. She knew the area like the palms of her hand. I agree, your tour guide can make or break a travel experience.

  5. Marteen

    Looks like such a beautiful island! A good tour guide makes a big difference to whether you’ll enjoy your trip or not and Ellen appears to be an excellent tour guide.

  6. SaraB Post author

    I also love it! It seems to have everything, including a lot of people.

  7. Ellen Bell

    Hello Sara! What a great post! The pictures that take me back to that lovely day we spent walking around our little island. Thanks for your kindness…and come back soon!

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