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A Surprise Find In Virginia Beach: Duck Donuts

I love a good donut shop now and then. My sister and I were not disappointed to find a fantastic donut shop in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I found the best bacon donut I have ever had.

Are you a fan of donut shops? Duck Donuts are made right in front of you. Once they come out of the fryer, you get to choose what you will sink your teeth into. I opted for a bacon donut. It took me five seconds to order bacon. Once I saw it on the menu board, my order was complete.

bacon donut

Anytime bacon comes into any equation, I am one happy camper. My sister opted for one covered with sprinkles. You can order your donut as plain or as colorful as you like. Some of your coating options are: Bare, Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Glazed, Chocolate Icing, Vanilla Icing, Strawberry Icing, Peanut Butter Icing, Maple Icing, Lemon Icing and Blueberry Icing. Are you hungry yet?

sprinkle donut

Duck Donuts was new to this midwestern traveler, as Duck Donuts is not located in the midwest. I quickly learned from a friendly employee that Duck Donuts is not a stranger to the middle eastern seaboard of the United States. There are several locations in Virginia Beach and in the neighboring state of North Carolina.

I loved the fact that these donuts are cooked right in front of their customers. It was also fun to see them create my own personal donut, right in front of me. My sister ordered the sprinkles and her donut arrived without a shortage of sprinkles.

sprinkling donuts

Should I find myself in a community where Duck Donuts is located, you can bet your dollar that I will be in there ordering up a bacon donut with vanilla icing.

Virginia Beach is home to a beautiful beach, but I quickly learned that there’s also a lot of great food to be had. If a donut shop is something you enjoy, stop at Duck Donuts in Virginia Beach. I can guarantee you that the service will be top notch and your donut will be cooked in a clean environment.

So, tell me! Are you a fan of donuts? If so, I’d love to hear what type of icing you would order on your donut from Duck Donuts.




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15 thoughts on “A Surprise Find In Virginia Beach: Duck Donuts

  1. SaraB Post author

    I too am hungry for these donuts, while thinking about them! Makes me want to plan another trip to the East Coast.

  2. iowajlo

    We’re headed to the Outer Banks next month and there’s a Duck Donuts there. It was on the consideration list, but this just tipped the scales to making it a must-do. (And I’m not even a big donut fan!)

  3. SaraB Post author

    Oh… what a fun place to spend the 4th of July. Have fun for me, as I’m slightly jealous!

  4. Beth Ann

    I love a good donut and haven’t had one for quite a while. I see there is one in Raleigh so the next time I go see Aaron I may have to look it up. Bacon = yum!

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