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Summertime In Iowa

My home state is Iowa and I often run into a lot of people that say they have driven through or flew over it. Summertime is loaded with color, which all of you know that I appreciate. I thought I’d share a photo story of what we have this time of year in Iowa. And just maybe, you will want to slow down a little bit and come visit. If summer is not your season, you can also get a glimpse of what winter has to offer: Winter Beauty In Iowa.

Iowa berries

Highways and Byways

Clear Lake Iowa Sunset

Flags at Clear Lake

Iowa skies

Downtown Mason City

Lady of The Lake

Iowa countryside

chairs at Iowa golf course

sun going down

This is a small sampling of what is in my backyard when I am home in Iowa. If you want to know more about Iowa, you can go here and view a digital Iowa travel guide. My home is in North Central Iowa, which is fairly flat. The neat thing that most people don’t know about Iowa, is the fact that there are several areas of the state that you can see for miles and others where there are rolling hills.

So, tell me. When can I expect to see you in my home state of Iowa?


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15 thoughts on “Summertime In Iowa

  1. SaraB Post author

    Sunsets are spectacular and I will admit it, I do take them for granted and should not.

  2. Wanderlust Marriage (@WndlustMarriage)

    These are some beautiful photos! We did a road trip around Ohio and I loved it and would love to explore more of these less traveled States, I feel like everyone wants to visit California or New York, but this country has a lot to do elsewhere with less tourists 😉

  3. natalietanner

    What pretty photos! I have no visited, but have put it on the list now that I see the lovely things there!

  4. Joanna

    I don’t know anything about Iowa to be honest. From your photos it looks like a quiet little place where you can have a nice relaxing vacation while getting to know the local way of life.

  5. SaraB Post author

    Yes, we do have some AMAZING things to offer! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  6. Carolina Colborn

    We were in Iowa in 2011 and loved the covered bridges, the Grotto, the Effigy Mounds and other sights!

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