Mall of America- A Must See

The Mall of America located in Bloomington, Minnesota, is a must see while visiting the Twin Cities. Here you will find more than 550 shops and restaurants all under one roof! It is fair to say that the restaurants themselves all offer their own experiences and food for you.


You will also find Nickelodeon Universe, a large indoor amusement park, along with an aquarium and other family friendly activities.

ferris wheel

Do your kids or yourself like to build with Legos? If so, the Mall of America will help bring your dreams to life. There is a whole area dedicated to Legos, making this a fun area for families to use their imaginations.

Lego- Mall of America

From hat shops to coffee shops, trust me; you will continue to find new things along your planned path, as well as a few detours. Each store has their own unique features, as they each know how to “pull” you in. The décor and fun merchandise is sure to entice you. Our family had to make a swing into the Microsoft Store and then, right across the hall; onto the Apple Store. Here we all checked out the new tablets and were reminded how quickly technology changes. These two stores offer opportunity for great hands on experiences, with knowledgeable salespeople nearby. Note: Plan a minimum of 30 minutes in each store.

With more than 4.2 million square feet to explore, the Mall of America is a destination in itself. The Build A Bear Store is another popular destination for families. Kids of all ages were designing and building their own bears. Hollister, another popular store for teens and young adults, was hopping with long lines at their registers, as families were gearing up for a change of seasons.

Brookstone is one of our family favorites. There is always a new gadget that we all need to check out!


There are several hotels within walking distance of the Mall of America. You will find accommodations that meet your amenity requests and more. With more than 50 hotels located within 10 minutes of the Mall of America, you are sure to find the ideal room to call home while in the Twin Cities. The airport is nearby with transportation in several forms available to get you from Point A to Point B.

The Mid-West is home to many fun attractions and the Mall of America is no exception! Go ahead, plan your visit to the Mall of America today and let the memories begin.

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10 thoughts on “Mall of America- A Must See

  1. We used to live next door to the good old MOA. I loved to sit in those massage chairs at Brookstone. Our favorite food court restaurant was Ruby Thai that serves Chinese and Thai food-their spicy food is actually spicy and Long John Silver for cheese curds. Tinnuci serves decent Italian food too, if you want to sit-down. That was our occasional date night spot. Fun post.

  2. Glad you had fun! We went there a few years ago on our way back from a long road trip out west. The kids were amazed at all there was to do! It is WAY more then shopping!

  3. The expansion project is huge! I take this amazing destination for granted, as I live a couple hours from here, with family living in the Twin Cities it’s a place I drive by more than I stop to experience! Although our experience a couple weeks ago made we want to return sooner than later. I was also impressed with the additional rides that the theme park now offers. There are many rides for kids and tweens, which makes for a great family experience.

  4. I grew up in Bloomington, so sometimes I forget that the MOA is a destination that people travel from all over the world to see. It is a pretty incredible place…lots to do with kids and a shopping mecca (and it is connected to the airport AND downtown Minneapolis via convenient, easy to usa light rail train.)

  5. I loved MOA when we visited a few years ago. Our son hasn’t been, but I think he would love the amusement park.

    I recently read that they are expanding the MOA by a lot….should be really amazing when its all done!

  6. You know I love this post!!! How about the Peeps store??? And the TMNT theme? Going there in a couple weeks with my BFF and can not wait to take it all in again! Great post, Sara!

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