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Surf District Rock ‘n Roll Grill Offers Fun Experience In Clear Lake, Iowa

I’m all about travel and good food. Toss in a little music and you have yourself a winning restaurant. Clear Lake, Iowa, is home to the Surf District Rock’n Roll Grill. I recently had the opportunity to visit before it officially opened and if you enjoy a good destination restaurant, you will love this one. In case you don’t know, Clear Lake, Iowa, is located right off of I-35, Exit 194, approximately 30 miles from the Minnesota border.

LOCATION Of Surf District Rock’n Roll Grill

The Surf District Rock’n Roll Grill is all about the location. Located in the heart of the “music” district in Clear Lake, it’s one not to miss.

performer at surf

The world-famous Surf Ballroom is located across the parking lot, and it’s also a hop, skip, and a jump from the lake.

Top the location off with fresh tasting food and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. The sauces, dips, burgers, flat bread pizzas, cheese curds, salads and the list goes on and on are all freshly made to order.


Our meal started with these tasty cheese curds with a side of homemade ranch dressing. How perfect is that?

cheese curds

I have never had a burger with macaroni and cheese on it, until this day! The burger with bacon, macaroni and cheese with the perfect sauce was amazing. It was cooked to perfection and it tasted like fresh Iowa beef. In all of my travels, I have learned that I am a little picky when it comes to burgers. This one is the best one of 2017, located in my home state of Iowa. I stumbled on last year’s favorite in Norm’s News in Kalispell, Montana. I wonder if this will stay as the best of 2017?

The flat breads were just as flavorful. A little pepperoni flatbread with a kick and a Jamaican Jerk flatbread made for great tasting pizza.

Jamaican Jerk flatbread

Talk about fresh, flavorful and fun; this Clear Lake restaurant has the kick! Be sure to take a stroll through the restaurant and check out the musical memorabilia.

Signed Guitar

It’s important to note that this is a family, friendly restaurant. A kids menu is available, as well as a room for private parties. If you are wanting a fun experience while eating fresh food, you will enjoy this fun restaurant, right next door to the legendary Surf Ballroom. Clear Lake is known for music, so why not make music part of your next meal while dining in Clear Lake? Be sure to take a tour of the legendary Surf Ballroom & Museum. The “wall” has a lot of signatures on it. Do you see one of your favorite musical entertainers here?

Signed wall at surf

*Thank you to the Surf District Rock’n Roll Grill for hosting me, I will be back!

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18 thoughts on “Surf District Rock ‘n Roll Grill Offers Fun Experience In Clear Lake, Iowa

  1. The Surf District Rock’n Roll Grill looks like the place for a top night out in Clear Lake! I love me a bit of musical memorabilia & the food sounds awesome, especially the mac & cheese burger!

  2. Hailing from the North East I had no had a cheese curd until I visited Minnesota! While the name is a little off-putting they are absolutely delicious! This restaurant looks great. I would definitely stop in!

  3. Mmmmm! That food looks mouthwatering. We are also food lovers, and after every adventure, we always try to look for places where we can sample the region’s specialties and delicacies.

    We love music as well, but we are quite choosy on “music” establishments. We rather visit a restaurant or a bistro that serenades us with soft, beautiful tunes than a bar that bombards us with loud rock or disco music.

  4. The food looks yummy! This looks like a perfect hangout for youngsters esp interested in rock and roll music! The wall looks cool. I saw a similar one at a hostel in Pisa, Italy!

  5. This looks like such a fun place to eat at! I especially love your food shots – it all looks so tasty – yum!

  6. This looks like a really fun place! We LOVE to seek out unique places like this on our travels.

  7. I love being reminded of how cool and trendy the Midwest actually is. We on the coasts totally overlook it, but clearly, it’s a fun place with awesome food.

  8. Those cheese curds look super tasty! I dunno how to feel about a mac and cheese burger, but won’t knock it until I try it, haha.

  9. A macaroni and cheese burger? That sounds both amazing and terrible at the same time. Would probably be great when drunk. Ha. That flat bread pizza had me drooling though. It seems like a really cool place and totally one that I’d love to visit someday.

  10. As a foodie, I couldn’t help when my mouth was watering upon seeing those pics. Food pics are probably the BEST. We don’t have macaroni and cheese here so I try to get that whenever I’m abroad. I also checked out the Surf District Rock’nRoll Grill IG page, that burger’s looking delicious 😉

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