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Kinseth Hospitality Brings A Vue Rooftop Bar & Restaurant To The Heart Of Iowa City

A Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in the heart of Iowa City await you with top-notch hospitality provided by the team of Kinseth Hospitality. I can count on one hand the number of times that I have dined on a roof top in my home state of Iowa. The Hilton Garden Inn in Iowa City is home to the Vue Rooftop Bar & Restaurant and it will not disappoint. Many of you that follow me in my travels know that I love to dine outdoors whenever it is possible. This rooftop restaurant is open to dining most of the year, as a fire pit and heaters will offer up some heat during the shoulder seasons.

The one thing that impressed me was the fantastic views. Day or night, the views here are something to make note of.

Iowa City Rooftop Vue

When you are indoors, the view is stunning with the openness that the area provides. During weather that is iffy, this restaurant will please those of us that love the outdoor dining with a view. The views here are truly magnificent.

A nice selection of local craft beers are on tap, as are your favorite mixed drinks. I love it when a business supports the local people, as the Vue Rooftop Bar & Restaurant does in Iowa City, Iowa.

Vue Rooftop Bar and Restaurant Iowa City

The technology in this dining area is new to many of us in Iowa. The lighting is controlled through an iPad, how cool is that? The lights can change color and they offer great conversation among the locals, with a colorful view from 12 floors below.

Rooftop Vue Hilton Garden Inn

The technology does not stop in the dining area, as the kitchen is set up so your tables meals will arrive at the same time and be hot. I do wonder why more kitchens have not embraced this new technology. I ordered a steak and it arrived hot, as did the other dishes at the table I was seated at.

steak at Rooftop Vue

My tip for dining at the Vue Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Iowa City is to hop on the elevator at the Hilton Garden Inn and head on up to the 12th floor. You do not have to be a guest at the hotel to dine in this restaurant. If you question where to find the elevators the staff at the front desk at the hotel will be more than willing to help you.

If you enjoy live music, pay attention to social media to learn who is playing and when. This is a fantastic place to experience live music in Iowa City. After all, what can go wrong with tasty food, a local craft beer, live music and a view that you will adore?

It had been several years since I had spent any time in Iowa City and I am looking forward to a return visit. The Hilton Garden Inn in Iowa City not only offers a comfy place to call home for a night, but it offers a tasty meal with a view.

*Thank You Kinseth Hospitality and Hilton Garden Inn for hosting me for a complimentary meal and lodging.

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16 thoughts on “Kinseth Hospitality Brings A Vue Rooftop Bar & Restaurant To The Heart Of Iowa City

  1. A rooftop bar with the best views of the city and your favorite drink is the best. Great that this one comes with some live music from time to time, if I ever go to Iowa I will be sure not to miss Hilton’s rooftop bar

  2. Having visited Iowa i totally understand what an asset this roof top establishment is. It is going to be a hive of people in the warmer weather! The food sounds so tasty, definiately a place for a group of friends.

  3. I love rooftop dining and frankly wish that there was more of it. However, I suppose that the lack makes good places like Vue even more special. It’s great that the food comes out all at once. I always feel obligated to wait if my food comes out first and then it gets cold. The ipad controlling the lighting is interesting. Is it on a schedule or do the staff actually change it from time to time for fun? I definitely have to try that food.

  4. Wow that view from from window! At first I thought it is just another restaurant but then I saw the first picture! I don’t care about the food when I get such views.

  5. Way cool Sara. To see a rooftop bar and restaurant in the Midwest is neat. Very glam, and big city type thing going on out there. I have yet to dine in one of these inspired spots. I hope to see the one used for filming in the Hangover 2 when I travel through Bangkok again. Enjoy a meal and a fabulous view. Gotta love the combo.


  6. I love love love a good view, especially if combined with a rooftop bar so this is right up my alley. Like you, I’m glad they support local producers and my hubby would love the local craft beers on offer. Sounds like a perfect place to go for a dinner!

  7. Interesting – to be able to control the lighting and colors of lights is an experiment I would definitely like to try. It would be great to have the lighting as per your mood and for fashionistas as per their clothes. Certainly a quirky innovation.

  8. One would think dishes would arrive at the same time at the desired temperature, but not the case. The technology here allows them to be served hot for all.

  9. I thought that dishes arriving at the same time would be the standard for any restaurant? What was the food like – what other dishes did you try? Would have loved to hear more about the food that you get at this restaurant and whether it lives up to your expectations! 🙂

  10. Looks like a great place to have dinner. I like you enjoy an outdoor dinning experience. The fact that all the food come out hot and at the same time is great. I hate when my meal arrives before everyone else. The view sure does look incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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