How To Dress For Christmas In Grapevine, Texas

I recently spent a few days experiencing the Christmas Capital of Texas® Grapevine, Texas and one of the first questions I was asked was, “How should I dress to attend Christmas events in Grapevine?”

A special thank you to the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau for hosting me, as I have the answer for all of you. 

Packing for any Christmas visit to Grapevine, Texas can be challenging as the temps can vary. I hopped on a plane with a carry on in tow, sporting my Columbia jacket, with a winter headband and gloves in the pockets. Due to the fact that it was windy and cold while viewing the lighted holiday parade, I was delighted that I had packed these items.

Float Parade Grapevine Christmas Texas

The days can be warm and sunny  (50’s to low 70’s) while strolling Historic Downtown Grapevine, but once the sun sets; there is a chill in the air.

Layers and layers are the key. A sweatshirt, cardigan, sweater and/or long sleeve shirt are a must. Everyone in Grapevine is all decked out for Christmas. A little red, green and white will add to the festivities. A stop at the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau upon your arrival in town can help with your Christmas attire. They have all types of gear to get you in the holiday spirit.

ICE! at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center is a popular family event over the Christmas season in Grapevine.

Santa ICE! Gaylord Texan

The ICE! experience is a whopping 9 degrees and parkas are provided on site. It’s important to note that the parkas do not have pockets and gloves are not included. Tip: Pack a pair of gloves and wear boots without heels and closed in shoes for this experience. I would not recommend clogs or sandals of any type.

Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine is home to a massive indoor water park. If this is your lodging while in Grapevine, you will want to pack a swimsuit and cover-up. If you don’t have room in your luggage, there is a store on site where you can purchase your swimwear. A sight to behold is this gingerbread house out of “real” gingerbread!

Gingerbread House Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Texas

Most importantly while in Grapevine over the Christmas season, pack your patience. Due to the fact that traffic flowed smoothly through the town, it was evident that visitors had packed their patience. The people of Grapevine, Texas are very helpful and will answer any questions that you may have while in town. Texas hospitality at its finest and millions of lights to brighten your Christmas is what you will find when you visit the Christmas Capital of Texas®. If you have been, what one item would you recommend that visitors pack to enjoy Grapevine over the Christmas season?




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13 thoughts on “How To Dress For Christmas In Grapevine, Texas

  1. Hi Sara,

    Sounds so fascinating. As for the packing bit, dressing in layers seems smart. Any time you are dealing with that crazy range you need to be prepared for warmer and cooler swings. Christmas Capital indeed. I’d heard of Grapevine but never knew it was so incredibly festive during the Holidays.


  2. Pack your patience – the perfect tip! Sometimes it can be frustrating how many people flood amazing sights like this around the holidays – but everyone is there for the same reason, to partake in festive cheer! A good attitude is essential for true holiday spirit. Grapevine looks absolutely lovely!

  3. Dressing in layers is always a smart move when visiting a new destination; especially when the weather is expected to be changeable and/or combining outdoor tours with visits to museums or palaces.

  4. This sounds like a fun place to spend during Christmas! I would’ve thought Texas would’ve been hot, so thanks for changing my mind about that, next time during winter I’ll pack warmly!

  5. Great tips! I haven’t been to Grapevine but my parents have, it sounds like a really fun place to visit. There is a Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia also, they are such fun hotels!

  6. Nice tips. I didn’t realize it would be cold in Texas. But white Christmas is great…with all that ice sculpture especially.

  7. I agree with their “Christmas capital” designation; Grapevine is such a wonderful place during the Christmas season! And yes to the gloves when visiting ICE! at Gaylord Texan!

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