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Red Cedar Lodge: Luxury Cabins In The Midwest

Is staying in a luxury cabin in Iowa on your bucket list? I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Charles City, Iowa, otherwise known as America’s Hometown. Red Cedar Lodge is home to several luxury cabins in the Midwest, on a river with a scenic view. Meet fellow travel bloggers Chrysa of Thrifty Jinxy, Theresa of The Local Tourist and Cindy of Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl.

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Cabins On The River In The Midwest At Red Cedar Lodge

Our accommodations were provided at Red Cedar Lodge in Charles City, Iowa. In all of my travels, it’s always interesting to learn that a lot of people don’t think that the midwest is home to luxury cabins. Well, I am going to show you otherwise. Red Cedar Lodge offers affordable, luxury cabins for families, the business traveler, couples, and even girlfriends looking for a fun getaway.

Red Cedar Lodge is located in Charles City, Iowa. It’s easy to get to, as it’s right off of a major highway. It’s also far enough away, that there is no road noise to be heard. Red Cedar Lodge offers three cabins that offer room for 8-10 guests.

Want a romantic get-a-way? Click on this link for a glimpse into a romantic stay at Red Cedar Lodge.

Cabin at Red Cedar Lodge

A full kitchen offers what you will need to prepare any meal. A grill is located on the deck, so you can cook up whatever your desire is. The local grocery store is a matter of minutes away from Red Cedar Lodge, so there is no need to load your vehicle down before you arrive.

Wildlife Viewing At Red Cedar Lodge

The views are astounding, from everywhere all around the property. From the river to viewing the wildlife parade through, there’s something for everyone. If you are lucky, you will see deer and maybe even a wild turkey or two.

As a frequent business traveler, I found this view extremely welcoming after a long day. I realize that anytime I can stay in a luxury cabin on the river in the Midwest, it’s going to be great.

A fireplace in the luxury cabins in the Midwest at Red Cedar Lodge

The loft was home to bunk beds and a double bed. I don’t know of anyone that would not want to spend a night in a loft, while surrounded with luxury items.

Luxury Cabins In The Midwest: Loft

The view from the loft is somewhat breathtaking. You will instantly fall in love with these luxury cabins in the midwest.

View from above one of the luxury cabins in the midwest

These Luxury Cabins Will Win You Over

Imagine a stay in a luxury cabin in the midwest. The heart of America is loaded with treasures and experiences that many fly over. Red Cedar Lodge will welcome you the same as their family. Tom and Lorraine will make sure that you are welcomed and have everything that you need to have a memorable stay.

Charles City, Iowa is located in North Central Iowa, which makes it easy to get to. If you live in Chicago, I would suggest flying into the Mason City Airport on Air Choice One. From there, rent a car through North Iowa Collision Center and drive to Charles City, Iowa. The drive is approximately 45 minutes.

If you are coming from Minnesota or the Des Moines area on I-35, exit at Hwy 18 (Exit 190) and follow Hwy 18 for several miles to Exit 212 to Business 218. Turn left at this exit and you will come to Red Cedar Lodge in less than a mile. When you book your luxury cabin in the midwest in Charles City, Iowa, you will be guaranteed a great experience at Red Cedar Lodge.

Happy Traveling~ Sara


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  1. Hello Sara and friends~ We had so much fun hosting Sara for her getaway and appreciate all the details she noticed! We’d love to have you all come to stay with us at Red Cedar Lodge! Just give me a quick call to tell me about your needs and desires and we’ll find a good weekend! Hint: Don’t procrastinate because we book pretty quickly and 1/2 of 2017 summer weekends are booking up! 641-228-3444

  2. My husband and I were JUST talking last weekend on our drive home from Minneapolis, about how it’d be fun to get a group of couples together for a weekend getaway at a lodge. This one looks perfect. Thanks Sara!

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