A Memorable Day At Cabbage Beach In Nassau

We cruised on the Carnival Sensation in March of 2013 and had a day to play in Nassau. We opted to visit Cabbage Beach.

Cab Ride To Cabbage Beach
Cab Ride To Cabbage Beach

The cab ride was reasonably priced, it was $4.00 each way/per person. Once we arrived, we were greeted with some locals that were hanging out near our walkway. We walked on by them and they too walked on, waiting for the next cab to arrive.

We headed towards Cabbage Beach. We had a short, shaded walk. Once Cabbage Beach came into view, it was beautiful.

Cabbage Beach: Nassau
Cabbage Beach: Nassau

The water was turquoise and looked stunning next to the blue skies. This was Spring Break season, so the beach was full with lots of people. The beach is quite a large area, so it did not seem too crowded. We noticed that the waves appeared to be crashing and it appeared as though rip currents were present. Being from the Mid-West, we don’t experience rip currents on a frequent basis, but having spent quite a bit of time on Florida beaches; we knew that rip currents were present. I glanced around for a sign or two, none to be found.


Cabbage Beach Fun
Cabbage Beach Fun

Our boys enjoyed jumping around in the waves. My sister and I enjoyed the lounge chairs, which were available for rent. The waves appeared to get larger after we arrived. Soon after I had looked for a lifeguard (there were none to be found here) , I noticed a crowd of people running. A woman had been walking on the beach, somewhat close to the shoreline; and she had literally got swept out to sea. Several spring breakers hopped in the water to help her. She was OK.

At that point I ventured to tell our boys to step back and be careful. They stepped back from the water and started digging around in the sand on the beach. I then returned to my beach chair, which happened to be next to a local man who was selling mixed drinks. I had not sat down one minute when he stated to a relative that he was going to go down to the beach and go in the water. At that point, he reached down and rolled up his pants and headed towards the water. His relative was not pleased. He was running towards the water. We could see something floating out in the open water. The lady who had been swept out earlier had lost her purse when she was taken under the rip currents. This young, local man was going in to get her purse. I knew that we were about to witness a horrible scenario.

He ran into the water and within a few seconds he had his hand in the air. He was motioning for help, as he was being swept under the waves. Several spring breakers headed into rescue him. I thought to myself, “This is not good.” This group of young adults got him up to shore and a rip current literally came in and swept him out of their hands and took him back out to sea. Our jaws were dropping. What an experience for our teenage boys to witness.

Several spring breakers hopped back into the water and were finally able to rescue him. Sadly, it was too late.


Cabbage Beach Rescue
Cabbage Beach Rescue

We had watched this young, local man drown on our not so fabulous day at Cabbage Beach in Nassau. He was wearing his rolled up pants and a t-shirt, clearly too many clothes. Thinking back to what we watched unfold. There are lessons to be learned.

  • When you visit a beach in a foreign country, you are swimming at your own risk
  • If the waves look high- stay out of the water
  • Be aware that water moves about the beach- the tide comes in and the tide goes out
  • If lifeguards are present in a foreign country, they are not present in a way that we are accustomed to in the United States
  • Rip currents are very dangerous. Every single spring breaker that went into rescue this local young man put their own lives on the line. Thankfully it came out OK. But, it is never safe to go in and try to rescue someone when rip currents are present.

We left shortly after the paramedics arrived.

Cab Ride From Cabbage Beach To Carnival Sensation
Cab Ride From Cabbage Beach To Carnival Sensation

It was easy to find a cab to get us back to the Carnival Sensation.

Leaving Nassau
Leaving Nassau


It was a somber way to round out our visit to Cabbage Beach in Nassau. Would we go back? Maybe. If we went back, we would probably visit another beach. The whole experience was an eye opener, in regards to how beaches function in other countries. Cabbage beach was extremely beautiful, and according to our cab driver, the waves were extremely high for this beach on the day we visited. Mother Nature is often in control and we need to respect what she has to offer.

If you have visited Cabbage Beach in Nassau, I’d love to hear about your experience.



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7 comments on “A Memorable Day At Cabbage Beach In Nassau

  1. Smart choice!

  2. My husband and I were there a few years ago and I remember the waves being extremely powerful. Thank you for this as we are going to Nassau again soon . . . I will not be letting the kiddos swim there!

  3. SaraB on said:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, as it’s a reminder of how powerful these waves can be. I’m glad your family is safe. Mother nature has a way of reminding us of how powerful she really is.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I visited the “Devil’s Beach”, or Cabbage Beach as it is better known in November of 2017. If I was by myself, I would have enjoyed this beach as I am not much of a ocean swimmer but more of a relax, take a dip if I get to hot and enjoy the view – kind of person. However, I was not alone. I was with my husband and three children ages 9, 7 and 5. Thank goodness my parents offered to watch my 2 year old while we spent the day at the beach because we would not have stayed a minute if she was with us. My family and I walked to the beach, we were approximately 50 yards from the shoreline, maybe a few yards farther. The waves didn’t look enormous or powerful from where we were. I told my kids to “get in” and watched as they happily ran ahead of us towards the waves. Once they reached the water, a wave that towered over them crashed over my 7 and 5 year old. My husband and I instantly started running towards them as we realized these waves weren’t like Virginia Beach’s waves. I felt hopeless as I witnessed two more waves crash over them when they weren’t expecting it. We were several yards away but it didn’t seem like we could get to them fast enough no matter how fast we ran. I could see my two boys getting farther and farther out to sea. Luckily two locals dove in and grabbed my 5 year old and carried him to shore. My husband and I were able to get my 7 year old but with a struggle beacuse the waves and current were so powerful. My boys refused to touch the water for the remainder 4 hours that we were there. A slight different story than my daughter, the 9 year old, she had a blast. I made sure she didn’t go more than knee deep ( knee deep could easily turn into over her head in a second). She and her dad had a blast “ridding” the waves. I thought it was fun too but we definitely used caution at every move and was paying attention to the next wave. Overall, it was fun, the sights were beautiful. The ocean and sand appeared just as if it was in a brochure. However, I would not take small children. I’m a confident swimmer and I have always loved swimming but thought to myself as I was going in for my sons that there was no way I would make it out if they were pulled out further than what they were. Very Scary. Use Caution!!

  5. We visited the area recently, and I also noticed the strength of the undertow. Like the woman you mention, a few times that I was walking along – far enough away to think I was safe – a large wave would come in and even though you were only hit with a small percentage of the full force, it was enough to make you lose your balance and get pulled into the water. Thankfully my husband and I were walking together, but we made sure to move further from the water when walking. There were two people at our hotel (located along the beach) who had casts before leaving, from being pulled into the water and attempting to right themselves. The entire beach is not like this, but that stretch has extremely strong tides. We took to walking about 45 minutes down the beach to the end of the island where there is a little inlet that has completely still water, as it is protected from the waves, and swimming there. It was much more enjoyable and less stressful, and also quiet with no local vendors and no mass of tourists. I think there were 2 to 6 people at that spot of the beach at any given time, and we were able to just lay in the ocean and float without disruption, except for small little waves in the wake of boats. If you do go back, I wouldn’t discount the other areas of the beach, but stay away from the taxi drop off/main resort areas due to the size of the waves and the rip tides.

  6. SaraB on said:

    I still find it hard to believe that I was not more than six feet from him when he headed into the water. The locals told us that they had never had rip tides as strong as they had been. Another strange weather phenomena.

  7. Tonya {The Traveling Praters} on said:

    Oh my goodness. I feel horribly for that young man’s family. What a terrible experience- to witness such a tragedy and to be unable to help. Honestly, the ocean has always scared me because of the currents- especially the rip tides that seem to be especially prevalent at some locations. Your tips are good ones and a great reminder of how precious life is.

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