Exploring The Stores in Greenwich’s Shopping District

Greenwich Shopping District offers a variety of shops. They all stem from the starting point of Stanton House Inn traveling from the top of town. This world-famous Connecticut Shopping District is where you can find everything in one place. A friend recently visited and shared all of this with me. Now I want to go and explore the stores in Greenwich’s Shopping District.

Hot Shopping Spots In The Midwest

First, just moments away from SHI, you’ll find Navy Lobster, Patrick Mele and even a Whole Foods market so that you can get a bite to eat. Pinky of Greenwich is nearby, and further down the street is the stunning Manfredi Jewels store. For clothing and fashion, you can visit Out of The Box, Vineyard Vines, Saks Fifth Avenue, Petticoat Lane and Richards to totally revamp your wardrobe. It’s easy to invest in an array of stunning outfits!

Splurge on Interior Design Specialties

For the best homeware that Greenwich shopping district has to offer, travel down from Stanton House Inn towards Havemeyers Fields. You can expect to encounter Hoaglands, Lynnens, RH Greenwich and so much more. No matter what kind of interior design or unique personal style you might prefer, you’ll find something. You will certainly be able to invest in some of the most amazing homeware and décor to transform your home, in a heartbeat.

Splurge on Gifts

For extra special gifts and indulgent purchases in Greenwich shopping district, you can visit Splurge, Betteridge or Michelangelo of Greenwich. From stunning jewelry to typical celebratory gifts, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re searching for.

Splurge on Books

Finish off your adventure from Stanton House Inn at Diane’s Books. Then settle down to read a few pages from a gripping novel. Next you can fill your basket with books from the best authors around.

Pro Tip: Lace up a good pair of walking shoes for a comfortable day exploring.

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