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Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the Best For Families

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the best national park for families, as your kids have the opportunity to see wildlife that they cannot see in other national parks. Plan a visit with your grandkids and you won’t regret it.

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How many times have you visited a national park and heard family members say that they cannot see anything due to the high volume of traffic? Head to Theodore National Park, you can see and do everything your heart desires!

Plan A Winter Visit To Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Beautiful Badlands of North Dakota

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Exploring Theodore Roosevelt with your kids or grandkids makes the experience extra special. My grandson and I recently explored the park, and as my eight year old grandson said, “We are explorers!”

Things To Do In Jamestown, North Dakota

Bison TRNP
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bison on road in national park

He loved exploring every nook and cranny of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The bison were a huge hit with him, as he loved watching them use the benches for scratching posts and how they herded traffic down the road.

Outdoor Adventures Await In Medora, North Dakota

Traffic Is Not Heavy In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Fact of the matter is, you will not drive in bumper to bumper traffic in this North Dakota National Park. I loved the fact that we had trails and views all to ourselves. Where else in the national park system can you experience this?

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park is unique in the fact that there are two separate units, the North Unit and South Unit. These two units are at the top of the best national parks for young families. On my visit with my grandson we only had time to visit the South Unit, near the town of Medora, North Dakota.

Visit The Painted Canyon in North Dakota

If you are traveling I-94, be sure to stop at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center. It’s not uncommon to see the bison roaming the parking lot. Enjoy the Painted Canyon, as it is one of the magical spaces of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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There is no fee and it is located seven miles east of Medora at Exit 32. Travel tip: Visit this area at sunrise.

Medora is where the entrance to the South Unit is located. Directions to the South Unit: The South Unit entrance is next to the town of Medora, ND. Medora is accessible via Interstate 94, exits 24 and 27. Medora is 133 miles west of Bismarck, ND and 27 miles east of the Montana state line.

Camping In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Make Theodore Roosevelt National Park A Family Vacation

The wide-open spaces of Theodore Roosevelt National park make it the #1 national park for families to visit. and the ability to reconnect with nature, make this the #1 national park for families to visit. The time that you spend exploring will be enjoyable as you explore together. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the best national park for families.

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