Smokin Yard’s BBQ Is A Must While Traveling I-70 West Of Denver In Idaho Springs, Colorado

When you think of BBQ, do you think of Idaho Springs, Colorado? Maybe yes or maybe no. Well, let me tell you this- Idaho Springs, Colorado is home to some of the best BBQ I have ever had! We took a little day trip from Estes Park to drive up Mt. Evans and stumbled upon an awesome BBQ joint in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Smokin Yard’s BBQ was more than we anticipated it could possibly be. When it comes to BBQ, I do think we are kind of picky, so this one scores big for us!

We made our drive up Mt. Evans and stumbled upon Smokin Yard’s BBQ on the way back to Estes Park in Idaho Springs. It was on, what we would call, the main drag in Idaho Springs. When you see this pig… you have landed at Smokin Yard’s BBQ!

Smokin Yard's BBQ pig

Smokin Yard’s BBQ had outdoor and indoor dining. The weather was kind of cool and cloudy and having returned from our drive to the top of Mt. Evans, indoor seating was a good fit for us. We were greeted promptly for seating, given menus and within a few minutes, our order was placed.

Not too long after we order this arrived!

Smokin Yard's BBQ sandwich

Along with this!

Smokin Yard's BBQ chicken

The inside was simple and if we had seriously just came off of a hiking trail, we would have felt comfortable. The atmosphere was welcoming, friendly and anytime we can have good food to accompany a casual dining experience, we are happy campers.

Smokin Yard's BBQ Dining

Curious as to how to fit this into your Colorado vacation? If you are traveling on I-70 West of Denver, you will easily find Idaho Springs. Plan a day trip from Estes Park, as we did, to drive up Mt. Evans and you will find yourself on I-70 with an exit to Idaho Springs. And if you need a little more encouragement, how about a view like this while driving up Mt. Evans?

Mt. Evans Drive

Have you visited Idaho Springs, Colorado? I’d love to hear about your visit, because I will definitely go back for BBQ at Smokin Yard’s BBQ!

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6 comments on “Smokin Yard’s BBQ Is A Must While Traveling I-70 West Of Denver In Idaho Springs, Colorado

  1. We seriously find the best food at the places we stumble upon and this was exceptionally good and really, not expensive at all!

  2. Yum! I love BBQ!

  3. Yes, it was a fun place to visit. Those cute little unknown places often turn out to be the BEST!

  4. Looks amazing! Love small, local places like this and I will plan to stop by our next trip out west!

  5. Definitely worth a visit!

  6. We love BBQ and will likely travel through Colorado going to Utah next month. If we’re in the neighborhood, we’ll definitely check it out.

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