Three Reasons You Should Book Your Carnival Cruise Today

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It’s no secret that I am a lover of cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines and the warm, sultry air that accompanies a Caribbean Cruise. Carnival Cruise Lines offers a nice variety of ships and itineraries to choose from. You will find a ship that easily meets your needs and more. Cruising is good for your soul and it’s a sure way to put yourself in check with nature.

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Are you pondering the thought of taking a Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines? Here are three reasons why you should book that cruise today.


Let’s face it. Life gets pretty crazy and it’s nice to have someone else make your bed and replenish the bathroom with clean, dry towels. Need ice in a bucket? Trust me, your friendly steward on board your Carnival Cruise ship will fill your bucket and return it with a smile.


The fact that you will never have to think about what is going to be served for breakfast, lunch or supper is reason number two! When cruising you will have zero responsibility when it comes to food prep and taking care of the dirty dishes. If you happen to be cruising on a ship that offers Guy’s Burgers, be sure to experience all it has to offer. Make note of the awesome fixings to top off your amazing burger!

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The beauty of cruising is the fact that you get to choose your schedule. If you want to lay out on a lounge chair, go for it! If you want to eat, head to the Lido deck for a wide variety of food choices! Have a hankering for pizza at 2 am? Never fear, Carnival Cruise Lines has you covered with 24/7 pizza service! Want to read a book while sitting on a chair on your balcony, go for it!

Personally, I would suggest booking a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine. Jaime Dee is the best cruise director and she will guarantee that you have a great time on your cruise! When is the last time you were up close and personal with your cruise director?

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What this boils down to, is the fact that cruising Carnival Cruise Lines offers zero personal responsibility for the cruiser. Someone else will pamper you and take care of the day to day things that you dread doing at home. Now, in regards to being responsible with time, that’s a whole new ball game. Stay on ship’s time and your cruise will be just fine! What are you waiting for? Book that Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines today, as you won’t regret it!

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