The Pros and Cons of Booking A Havana Cabana Room On the Carnival Vista

The Carnival Vista is one of Carnival Cruise Line’s new Vista Class ships. We had cruised on this ship a couple years ago and stayed in an interior room in the Havana area. We loved the perks that came with our room. Fast forward to 2019 and we booked a Havana Cabana room.

What To Expect On The Carnival Vista

Havana Chairs


These rooms have a patio area with all of the perks of the Havana area. I found several pros of booking this type of room, as well as some cons. Hopefully, I can help you make the best decision when it comes to booking your room onboard the Carnival Vista.


Sliding doors lead out to a patio area with two chairs and a chair swing. The fenced-in area is a nice extension of the room. A con of this patio area is the fact that people can and do walk by your space.

Walkway Havana Cabana

A traditional balcony room offers more privacy than a Havana Cabana room. We appreciated the larger outdoor space but we did give up our privacy.

Tips For Booking A Cruise On Carnival Cruise Lines


Cruisers that have booked rooms in the Havana area have access to their own private pool and hot tubs up until 7 pm, referred to as the Lanai area. This is the biggest advantage of staying in the Havana area, as it was never crowded.

Pool Chairs on the Carnival Vista

With several lounge chairs, bar stools, and comfy chairs to gather around; we never found ourselves looking for a seat.


All guests in the Havana Cabana area have special wrist bands to identify who they are.

Havana Bands

This is enforced, as all guests in the Lanai area must have wrist bands on to enter. If it’s after 7 pm, it’s free for all! Up until 7 pm, it’s exclusive and private.


The elevators up to the Lido deck are right outside of the Havana area. If the wait seems to be too long, you are only five decks below Lido, which is walkable. The Lido deck is home to the buffet and your gateway to 24-hour pizza and ice cream.

There are definitely more pros than cons when it comes to booking a Havana Cabana room on the Carnival Vista. The one thing I did miss was not being able to sit with my arms on the edge of the balcony area. The gate leads out to a walkway and 3 feet across, you have glass and a view.

View from deck on Carnival Vista

Guests are not able to lean and take in the view, which is something I did miss.

Overall, the Havana Cabana area is a win! The amenities that come with the area, are well worth the value in my eyes. If you like crazy and loud, the Lanai area will not be for you. If you want peace and quiet, with few people around, you will love this area!

Most importantly anytime you book a cruise, understand what you are booking. Knowledge is power when it comes to cruising. A little time preparing for your cruise will be well spent so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment. The Carnival Vista is a ship that offers something for everyone, families included. Keep in mind, if you are booking the Havana Cabana area, all guests must be 12 years old.

*Thank you to Carnival Cruise Lines for providing wi-fi throughout this cruise. 

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