Adventure Awaits You Along The Alabama Gulf Coast

The Alabama Coast is truly a beach lover’s paradise, but did you also know that it is full of adventure? With a beach, warm temps, and a sliver of paradise; I can guarantee that you will enjoy the adventure this gorgeous coast line offers.

Alabama Beaches Sunrise

I recently participated in the #GSOBFanGuide experience and wow- it was an amazing adventure. I hope you followed along online, as it was truly an experience of a lifetime.


I had never been on a Segway tour until I experienced it in Gulf Shores State Park. Coastal Segway Adventures was amazing!

Sara Segway

The beauty of this adventure was the fact that I remained standing and did not take out a tree. Those of you that know me, know that my middle name is not Grace. I had the time of my life and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast. The tour guides were patient with me and made sure I was safe and having a good time.

Segway Tour

The tour included the Segway experience, as well as a narrative of the history and beauty that the Alabama Coastline has to offer. The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and worked hard to guarantee that my experience would be a good one. I know that they will do the same for you. Be sure to call (251) 509-TOUR (8687) to book your tour. Group size is limited, so give them a call to reserve your spot.


Some of you may remember that time when I crossed ziplining off of my bucket list. Hummingbird Ziplines offers views unlike any other along the Alabama Coast. The group that I went with this time around, was unique in the fact that one person in our group had to be taken off of the course. I was extremely impressed on how professional the staff handled the situation. Ziplining is not for everyone and they respected this person’s choice to be taken off the course. Our tour guides were phenomenal and I can tell you that I had a blast!

Sara ziplining

Ziplining at Hummingbird Ziplines is an experience of a life time. This course is loaded with adventure and it’s a thrill to zip over the water with a stunning view in the background. Call 1-877-947-8434 or 251-948-9494 to make your reservation.


The Gulf State Park Pier offers fishing and fantastic bird watching. You may be asking, “How is this an adventure?” Well, to this Iowa gal who has fished in Northern Minnesota and Canada, let me tell you, this was a whole new experience. There’s something to be said about placing bait on a hook. I learned how to bait a hook with shrimp, which was a little easier than one of those squirmy worms that I was used to. I know the regular fishermen did everything not to laugh at me, as I was trying to feed the ocean with a whole shrimp.

Sara fishing Gulf Shores

Yes, there’s a reason they give you pliers when you rent your fishing gear at the pier and purchase your bait.There is also a convenient place to purchase your fishing license, which is located in the bait shop on the pier. I did not catch a fish, but it was fun to watch those around me reel them in. If you have never fished off of a pier, this is the place to try it. The locals were extremely helpful, as were the volunteers and paid staff that work at the Gulf State Pier.

The Alabama Coastline is loaded with adventure and all it needs is your two feet! Once you experience the adventure, beauty, and amazing food, this will be your favorite vacation destination. It’s not overly crowded and it’s truly a magical place to check off a bucket list item or two.

Sara on Boardwalk in Orange Beach

So, tell me….. When are you planning to visit Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama?

*Thank you to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama for hosting me.

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