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The Best Beaches In The U.S. Are Along The Alabama Coastline

Alabama Beaches

My travels the past few months have taken me a lot of amazing places. I do have to share, the best beaches I have found over the course of the last year have been on the shores of Alabama. Have you visited the beaches of Alabama?

The Beach Club Welcomes You


These communities are home to some of the nicest, finest beaches you will find anywhere. I had the opportunity to travel to Grand Turk in November, and you know what? The beaches in Alabama were cleaner and nicer! There are beaches in the United States that offer amazing views and great sand. The best part? You don’t have to wait in the long lines to return to the U.S. through Customs.

The wildlife is also pretty amazing off of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. During my time in the area, I did not see a dolphin, but I saw several birds that were fun to watch.

Bird on beach

Fisherman were reeling in fish all along the Alabama Coastline, as well. The beaches of Alabama Gulf Shores were easy to access by foot.

32 Miles Of Pristine Beaches Welcome You In Alabama

You do have to walk little ways (some places further than others) to access the beach.  And if you stay at The Beach Club, you will have instant beach access. And I might add, The Beach Club offers all the amenities that you need to keep you happy your whole stay!

Make sure you get up early to see the sunrise on the beach.

Sunrise on Beach

There’s something magical about a sunrise along the shores of the Alabama Coastline. And then there is sunset. Make sure you don’t have supper plans to keep you away from the gorgeous sunsets!

While walking the beaches of the Alabama Coastline I can honestly say that I never had to dodge trash on the beach. The beaches were clean and safe for kids to play around in. There were also several volleyball nets along the beach, so be prepared to join in a pickup game of volleyball.


If you are looking for a family-friendly beach, the Alabama Coast is your go to the beach. And if you are into adventure, don’t forget to try out the Hummingbird Ziplining Course which gives you a bird’s eye view of The Wharf and the area. I can’t wait to return to the beautiful beaches that make up the Alabama Coastline, as they are simply amazing!

* Thank you to The Beach Club, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Alabama for hosting us.

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