Spring Photo Tour of Lauritzen Gardens

I love Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s truly a gem of a garden. What I love about gardens, is the fact that you can visit any time of the year and always experience something different. The scenery was different this time around, as the last time I visited it was in July.

I do believe you will appreciate the beauty that I found here during a spring visit.

bleeding hearts

purple flower

trail at lauritzen gardens

Sara with roses

Japanese Garden Area


Sara at Japanese Gardens

purple flowers in bloom

Are you a garden enthusiast? I am not and I am always open to visiting gardens when I am traveling. It’s obvious that the employees and volunteers care a lot about what they do. Here in the midwest, the change of seasons appears to bring on extra work. Maintaining and grooming these gardens looks easy, but I know that it cannot be an easy task.

Are you a traveler that enjoys visiting a garden here and there? If so… I’d love to hear about the last garden that you experienced.

*Thank you to Lauritzen Gardens for hosting my husband and I on a beautiful spring day in Omaha.

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10 thoughts on “Spring Photo Tour of Lauritzen Gardens

  1. This place looks awesome Sara. I am a garden fan; spent many weekends at the Biddulph Estate weeding when I was a kid LOL. Not an estate just a big old yard in NJ. Thanks for the eye-popping images 🙂


  2. I had a conference in Omaha last year, my first time visiting. I was able to make it to these gardens and agree with you, it’s a gem. Honestly, I enjoyed Omaha as a whole more than I thought I would! The beauty of experiencing a place first hand with an open mind.

  3. My green thumb is admiring the talents that others have been given! For that, I am very grateful, as I can appreciate the work of others.

  4. It is a lot of work to bring these gardens to fruition. I appreciate it all and take it all in. I’m looking forward to reading your article.

  5. I love visiting gardens as well! Big or small, they are a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s inspiring to hear from the curators and gardeners and realize how much love they put into caring for the gardens. I recently visited the Butchart Gardens in Canada (I’m writing a post about it right now actually), and realizing how much work goes into such a massive site was more than a little mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing your photos! 🙂

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