From Steak Fondue To A Musical, Medora Has It All

When I shared with friends I was making a trek across North Dakota, they often said, “Are you going to Medora?”


I had no clue what the hoopla was all about. My road trip took me across I-94, with a side trip through the Enchanted Highway and ended in Medora. Once I arrived in Medora, North Dakota, it did not take me long to figure out what all the hoopla had been about.


Medora, North Dakota, is simply one of the most charming communities I have ever set foot in. Visitors do appreciate the little gems that you can find while exiting an interstate highway. Once you hop off of I-94 in Western North Dakota and drive into Medora, you will find that you have landed in a sliver of paradise.


I had a few hours to explore this charming, little mountain town. Here is where the base of the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park sits.

Charming Store In Medora

An ice cream shop, historical museums, rocking chairs to rock in, while surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you will find in the United States of America.

I had tickets to the amazing Pitchfork Steak Fondue which is held before the Medora Musical begins. I would highly recommend that you take part in this steak supper. It is a nice way to kick off a nice night of music in the Badlands of North Dakota.

Pitchfork Steak Fondue

After the meal, it was nice to walk around the venue area. The stage for the outdoor Medora Musical is located next door.


While waiting for the show to start, look who I met?

Theodore Roosevelt

Once you hop on the escalator, you will be escorted to your seating for this musical that only takes place in Medora, North Dakota.

Medora escalator

And in case you are curious as to what the Medora Musical sounds like, here’s a glimpse of what you will experience.

It’s fitting for a salute to Theodore Roosevelt and our National Parks, which are celebrating 100 years this summer.

Many of you know that my home state is Iowa and I was ecstatic to learn that these Iowans are summer performers in the 2016 Medora Musical.

Iowans at Medora Musical

If you are looking for a family-friendly travel experience, Medora, North Dakota has it all! The Medora Musical is a good old fashioned evening of family fun that you will not regret. After all, where else can you ride an escalator outdoors, besides Las Vegas? North Dakota has it all… plan your visit today! If North Dakota is on your bucket list, make it happen now!

Website: Medora, North Dakota

Facebook: Medora, North Dakota

Twitter: @MedoraND

YouTube: MedoraND

*Thank you to North Dakota Tourism for hosting me, North Iowa Collision Center for the rental car and to Chico’s for the comfortable clothing for this North Dakota road trip

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