Five Great Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Visit To Kelleys Island: Lake Erie Islands & Shores

Kelleys Island is the largest American Island located on Lake Erie and I can tell you that it will not disappoint you. Once you step off of the Jet Express, you will find yourself on an island that screams “Caribbean” in the midwest. I was pleasantly surprised, as Kelleys Island felt tropical, yet it offered the kindness that the people of the midwest are known for.

Kelleys Island Nature

Having spent time in several Caribbean ports, the sights and sounds put me in the Caribbean spirit and the people filled my soul with some good old fashioned midwestern hospitality. I had a fantastic day on Kelleys Island. In fact, I enjoyed my day so much; I have put together five great tips so you can have the same great experience that I did.

Board The Jet Express

The Jet Express offers fast, affordable transportation to Kelleys Island.

Jet Express

We boarded in Sandusky and found ourselves embarking on Kelleys Island 25 minutes later. To save time and to guarantee yourself a seat, purchase your tickets online ahead of time. If you are going to Kelleys Island for the day, parking is free near the pier in Sandusky. Should you opt to stay overnight, 24 hour parking is available nearby, for a small fee.The Jet Express docks at the Casino Marina Dock, which is located at the heart of Kelleys Island.

Rent A Golf Cart At Kelly’s Island Casino Golf Cart Rental

Right after you get off the Jet Express, you will see the signs to Kelleys Island Casino Golf Cart Rental. The golf cart we had, was reliable and we had transportation all around the island, all day long. In my opinion, if you do not rent a golf cart, you will not have an enjoyable day on Kelleys Island, as you will miss a lot.

Explore The Cute Shops

There are several cute shops located in the docking area for you to stroll through. While out and about on your golf cart, be sure to stop at any of the shops you seem to stumble upon.

Shop on Kelleys Island

We found these shops to be some of the most fun stops that we had on the whole island. From the ice cream treats, homemade chocolates, to home decor that is unique to Kelleys Island, you will find your happy place in one of these shops.

Explore Nature

There are several trails along the shoreline of Lake Erie. Here is where you will find a quiet place to sit and read a book, look out at the big ships on Lake Erie or even kick back and enjoy a few snacks with a cold drink. Tip: Pack a pair of binoculars with you when you explore Kelleys Island.

Kelleys Island Beach

Pack a Picnic Lunch

Coolers, snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) are allowed on the Jet Express, so pack your picnic lunch. There are several spots along Lake Erie where you can find to enjoy a quiet lunch. Keep in mind that you will have to carry your lunch on and off the Jet Express, so pack accordingly. Tip: I would suggest a back pack with a blanket inside for your picnic to be successful.

Kelleys Island offered serenity, excitement and a place to reconnect with nature. I loved the Caribbean feel, as I literally felt like I had cruised the world as I stepped off the Jet Express, when in fact, I had cruised for a whole 25 minutes.

Have you explored Kelleys Island? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience. I cannot wait to return, as the midwest holds a special place in my heart. Who knew that we had such a beautiful island in the midwest? I didn’t, but I sure know now.

Stay in the know and plan your next vacation to Kelleys Island and Lake Erie Islands and Shores. #LakeErieLove

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*Thank you Lake Erie Islands & Shores for hosting. A special thank you to Casino Golf Cart Rental and Jet Express for transportation for the day.


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