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A Drive Through Adventure In Port Clinton, Ohio: African Safari Wildlife Park

Lake Erie Islands & Shores is home to an African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio. A friend and I recently had the opportunity to drive through this 100 acre preserve and get close up with the animals. The one thing that surprised me the most was the fact that these animals were very close. In fact, there were a couple times where the animals had their heads in our car.

animal peeking in car

It’s important to note that guests are not allowed to bring in food from the outside. Should you wish to feed the animals, you can buy food to feed them along the route. It’s quite evident that these animals are used to enjoying a cup of food now and then. Upon our arrival, I should have known that this would happen.

We continued on and around the corner, this was walking towards us!

bison in wildlife park

Let me say this, the windows were rolled up really fast and the next thing you know, we had the tongue of a bison on our window. This drive through safari is not for anyone that is claustrophobic or afraid of being close to animals. Once the tongue of a bison is on the window of your car, it would be easy to panic and not focus on continuing the drive.

We continued our drive, as we saw elk, alpaca, deer and towards the end of the drive we came upon the giraffes. I think giraffes are an amazing animal, don’t you agree?


Once you have made the drive through the African Safari Wildlife Park, stop and experience the walk through safari. Here you can watch the gibbons and even experience pig racing at Pork Chop Downs.

Pig Racing

From burgers to popcorn, there’s a nice variety of food available in the walk through area. Picnic tables are abundant, so don’t be afraid to take a break and enjoy the views around you.

picnic tables

The best tip I can give you when visiting the African Safari Wildlife Park is to listen to the guide that takes your ticket. They will let you know where you can drive and if there are any known issues with any animals on the day you visit. If you do choose to purchase a cup of food, make sure you listen to the instructions they offer. I was glad that I did, as I found these animals to be very aggressive and was happy to roll my windows up 1/2 way through the drive.

When visiting Lake Erie Islands & Shores, do plan a visit to the African Safari Wildlife Park. The experience is memorable and is guaranteed to produce a smile or two. And while you are in the area, be sure to explore Kelley’s Island, as I guarantee a Caribbean like experience. I don’t know of another midwestern location where can you journey to Africa and the Caribbean in the same day, do you?

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9 thoughts on “A Drive Through Adventure In Port Clinton, Ohio: African Safari Wildlife Park

  1. Oh my god these pictures! So amazing, thanks for sharing. I have family in Ohio, I’ll definitely tell them about this place.

  2. Most people have no clue that this exists in Ohio. The midwest is loaded with so many unknown places. I’m happy to introduce you and my readers to some of these places.

  3. Wow! I had no idea that there was a place like this in Ohio. Those animals really do get up close and personal. My wife would love this place. We’ll have to plan a trip out there.

  4. It’s been a long time since my last visit to Ohio…I had no idea this was even there (and I love the idea of going from Caribbean to Africa!).

  5. I published an article last year about places in North America (mostly USA) to experience Africa. Looks like this place should definitely be included on my list. Perhaps I will do an update. 😀

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