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Marblehead Lighthouse: Lake Erie Shores & Islands


The midwest is home to several lighthouses, including Marblehead Lighthouse located in Marblehead State Park in Marblehead, Ohio. If you have followed Travel With Sara on social media and read my blog for a while, you know that I love a good lighthouse. Fun fact in regards to the Marblehead Lighthouse. It was lit in 1822, and is the Great Lakes’ oldest lighthouse in continuous operation. I found that to be pretty cool!

Sara and Marblehead Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park features a picnic area, fishing and a beautiful lighthouse. Travel tip: The Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society Museum is a few feet from the lighthouse and is open the same hours. Tours are available Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. As with many attractions in the midwest, summer is the ideal time to visit. It’s not any fun to pull into a parking lot and finding the attraction is closed other times of the year. The Marblehead Lighthouse is open on limited days/times in the spring and fall. Stay connected with Shores and Islands Tourism to keep up with the openings and closings.

I fell in love with the Marblehead Lighthouse, as the grounds were very peaceful. There are 77 steps to climb to the top, which make it a fairly easy climb. I would recommend tennis shoes, as the steps are steep and winding.

metal stairs

The view from the top is fantastic! Look closely, over the horizon and you can see CedarPoint. Now, if I had been smart and climbed with a pair of binoculars, I may have been able to get a glimpse of Kelley’s Island, as well.

Cedar Point View

The view going the other way is not too bad either.

Sara Marblehead Lighthouse

There’s something about climbing a lighthouse and then soaking everything in. The Marble Head Lighthouse offers stunning views of Lake Erie and the Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society Museum.

Marblehead Museum

Are you a fan of lighthouses? I will admit it, I have been known to drive a few miles off the most direct path to check out a lighthouse. I’d love to hear about your favorite lighthouse. I’d love to return to Marblehead Lighthouse and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds. What’s one thing special you do when you visit a lighthouse?

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*Thank you to Lake Erie Islands & Shores Tourism for hosting me while in the area. I did pay for my ticket to climb the lighthouse.

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15 thoughts on “Marblehead Lighthouse: Lake Erie Shores & Islands

  1. Thanks for sharing! I wonder there are many many lighthouses in the Great Lakes and each one is special with a breathtaking view as well! ~

  2. Great photos. Can’t say I know much about lighthouses, but posts like these make me want to learn more. Great idea with the link to keep on top of opening times – I have been a victim to NOT doing this sort of thing.

  3. I love visiting lighthouses and Marblehead looks really pretty! Adding to my must see list!

  4. I love a good lighthouse too, especially when you can climb to the top. This one looks great. It’s great to think what an important role they have as well.

  5. Loved your photos of “my” lighthouse! I remember I took my boys up to the park when they were little- on one of the special days that the lighthouse was open. We waited in line, trudged to the top, took a look, they were scared and we came right back down.

  6. You know I love this lighthouse the most of all. We have scheduled whole trips around getting to new lighthouses. 🙂 I have a post on Marblehead scheduled out for later as part of my “Lakeside” series. Thanks for your great post!

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