The Eccentric Apple: Unearthing NYC’s Quirky Corners

New York City, known as “The Big Apple”, offers an abundance of skyscrapers, bustling streets and iconic landmarks – but take a deeper look under its shimmering surface and you may discover hidden gems even Sherlock Holmes would find peculiar. Welcome to NYC less traveled; anarchy awaits. There’s quirky in the Midwest and then there’s quirky in New York City.

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Clay Center, Kansas- Art Mecca

Grand Central Terminal’s Whispering Gallery: Where Walls Do Talk

Take a break from all of the hustle and bustle, and step inside its Whispering Gallery near Oyster Bar & Restaurant for some quiet conversation or the occasional joke-sharing! When sitting with friends opposite corners of this vaulted ceramic tiling, whisper away! Your voice will carry effortlessly across this space. Just remember – no eavesdropping, as the walls do the talking – New York is all about keeping everything to itself.

Things To Do In New York City

The Smallest Plot of Land in NYC: The Hess Triangle

Just when you thought NYC couldn’t get any quirkier, here comes Hess Triangle – at 500 square inches it stands proudly on Seventh Avenue at Christopher Street corner. What accounts for this territorial anomaly, you ask? Well, it was caused by an error in the city’s eminent domain policy – when they seized David Hess’ five-story apartment building to create subway lines in 1914 and missed this small parcel of land as part of the bargain. Hess’ heirs, unwilling to donate their unappreciated piece of prime real estate to NYC, installed a mosaic that read “Property of the Hess Estate which Has Never Been Dedicated for Public Purposes”. Thus began NYC’s small rebellion against those in power; who would have thought that such eccentricities could exist in a city so known for never sleeps?

An Unexpected Tropical Rainforest: Ford Foundation Building

Who needs to travel all the way to Amazon when there’s one right here in New York? No one! Tucked into Midtown Manhattan is an unexpected oasis – the atrium of Ford Foundation Building. Here lies a 12 story high urban Eden filled with towering trees, trailing vines, and shimmering pools – providing a much-needed escape from city hustle. When stress becomes too much to bear, why not head here instead of to traditional parks for some respite? Just remember no monkey business – remember, we’re still in New York after

Sallie House- Atchison, Kansas

City Hall Station: NYC’s Haunted Subway Station

Forget haunted houses; New York has its very own ghost train station! City Hall Station was once considered the crown jewel of NYC’s subway system but now stands empty and forgotten under City Hall Park’s bustling streets. Although officially closed since 1945, its architectural marvel remains visible for anyone willing to explore under its bustling streets or an eagle-eyed rider on the 6 train. Stick around after your last stop on this special journey for a chance glimpse!

The Curtain Call: Top of the Rock

No trip would be complete without seeing its legendary Top of the Rock (no, not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself!). Escape the familiar Empire State Building and head up 70 floors to the Top of the Rockefeller Center for an exceptional panoramic view of New York City. Central Park’s lush emerald expanse to Lower Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers creates a breathtaking panorama that showcases how nature meets architecture in New York. As the sun sinks beneath the skyline, painting an exquisite palette of hues across the horizon, you will fall deeply in love with NYC all over again. And as our journey across NYC comes to an end, one thing remains certain – New York truly is one incredible town!

Gourmet Delight: NYC’s Culinary Spectrum

Do you find yourself wondering where to dine in this city of infinite flavors? The New York culinary scene boasts an expansive menu, offering something delicious for every palette. Street food served from bustling food trucks or Michelin-star dishes in high-end eateries – there’s something delicious and varied out there to satisfy every palette. Start off your NYC experience right with an authentic New York bagel from one of New York City’s cozy downtown bakeries or indulge in authentic ramen from an East Village noodle joint. Or if you prefer something more exotic, why not indulge in spicy Ethiopian fare in Harlem or tasty dumplings from bustling Chinatown? Find yourself searching for the best steakhouse in NYC? Well, worry no further – we have everything covered. Get ready to indulge in an epicurean paradise that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. With every corner offering something new culinary-wise, New York City promises never-ending tastes for every palate!


New York is a city of contrasts; at every turn there’s always something extraordinary and out-of-the-ordinary waiting to be discovered. From tiny rebellions immortalized in mosaic to lush rainforests hidden among its urban landscape, NYC’s charms extend far beyond what can be found along any tourist trail. So whether it’s your first visit or fifth, take some time out of your day and discover some of its quirky corners. New York makes being strange seem everyday while extraordinary is common and amazing an everyday occurrence!

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