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Fall In Love With Doll Making In Shipshewana

We’ve all heard of the Build a Bear, build a doll places. Did you know that you can make a doll in Shipshewana, Indiana? Kids Kreations sits in the heart of Shipshewana and offers an incredible experience. You can create dolls, shop for the doll you have always longed for, or stroll for the fun of it.

Thank you to Visit Shipshewana for hosting me and as always, the opinions here are mine and nobody else’s.

Midwest Travel Network in Shipshewana

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Make-n-take Amish Doll

Clara Wagler is the owner of Kids Kreations. Her passion for creating new experiences for her guests shines in everything she does. If you want to make and design an Amish doll with friends or family, contact her to schedule a class. I recently had the opportunity to make one of these beautiful dolls.

Sara Broers making Amish Doll

It was a simple, fun, and unique experience. It’s one that I will talk about for many years. Returning to Shipshewana with my granddaughter, who would love making her own Amish doll, will be fun.

Kids Kreations
150 Harrison St
Shipshewana, Indiana
Kids Kreations

Choose Your Doll Making Parts

The Amish make-n-take doll-making class is fun and unique to Shipshewana. If your dream has been to create a doll with all the fantastic things you have dreamed of, this is the place to do it. You can build a doll in Shipshewana, Indiana, to bring your dream to life. The Amish dolls are easy to make, and offer a fun memory of the area.

Amish Doll Making Shipshewana
Amish Doll Making Shipshewana

Christmas is Magical In Shipshewana

Generational Dolls In Shipshewana

Apple Valley Dolls are very popular with doll-making enthusiasts. Guests can choose a doll head that resembles themselves or someone special. When you build a doll in Shipshewana, Indiana, you are building something to cherish forever and ever.

Doll making Shipshewana
Doll making Shipshewana

The experience is one you will have forever, as well as a doll to hold and hand down from generation to generation. A doll is much more than a doll, it’s full of memories when you make one in Shipshewana, Indiana.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to visit Shipshewana and create memories. Doll making is a simple way to create and enjoy your loved ones.

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