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Machine Shed Restaurants: An American Tradition In Agriculture



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The Machine Shed Restaurants are a family tradition for our family. Located in the Mid-West, this family, friendly restaurant is a must visit while traveling through the Mid-West. The original Machine Shed Restaurant is right off of I-80, near Davenport, Iowa.  The five words, “Dedicated to the American Farmer” kicked this successful restaurant off the ground in 1978. Farmers are proud of what they produce day in and day out, and it is quite evident that the Machine Shed Restaurants are proud of our hardworking farmers in America.

We recently dined at the original Machine Shed Restaurant in Davenport, Iowa. Family friendly is an understatement. How many restaurants offer crayons and toy tractors for the kiddos?

Crayons/Tractors Machine Shed


I absolutely love how the Machine Shed Restaurants continue to show their support for the American farmer. I know that many farmers have several of these!

Machine Shed Hats

And of course, there is the food. The food here is just downright tasty and fun to indulge in. Here at the Machine Shed Restaurant, your table will have a shared dish or two to pass around. That speaks a good old fashioned, home cooked meal to this family. How does this fried chicken look?

Fried Chicken/Machine Shed


The mashed potatoes were real potatoes, as well as the rolls. These rolls were also fresh and tasty!

Rolls/Machine Shed

From traditional prime rib to apple roasted turkey tenderloin, you will find a meal that pleases your taste buds. The chefs pride themselves on the fact that they used fresh ingredients on a daily basis while preparing the meals that come out of the kitchens of the Machine Shed Restaurants.

The tractors, memorabilia, as well as food are a great way to introduce agriculture to your kids. How’s this for a view right before you set foot into the restaurant?

Tractor at Machine Shed


The Machine Shed Restaurants are a fabulous way for a family to enjoy a family meal while experiencing the culture that surround agriculture in America. I’d love to hear about your experience at the Machine Shed Restaurants. What did you order and when was the last time you ate there? I’m hoping to get back soon, as in the next month!

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2 thoughts on “Machine Shed Restaurants: An American Tradition In Agriculture

  1. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    The last time I ate at the Machine Shed I had their Parmesan Crusted Pork. I think the Machine Shed is a fun restaurant with good, hearty food and I seem to never leave empty handed after going through their gift shop. They have so many fun things in there!

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