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3 Places To See Horses In The Midwest

Horses are always a popular attraction. I have recently experienced horses in three places that you need to know about.

North Dakota is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and beautiful wild horses. Here are three of my favorite places to see horses in the Midwest.

Medora, North Dakota

Medora is home to the South Unit entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 200 wild horses roam the badlands of North Dakota’s national park. I love watching the horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. A favorite trip of mine is to visit this national park in the winter, as it’s truly a magical experience.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Horses Sunset

From sunrise to sunset, your horse viewing experiences are epic. Many times you will be looking off into the distance and realize that a wild horse is a short distance from your vehicle.

Horse TRNP
Horses TRNP Summer

Hike a trail, drive the road, or enjoy a night of camping in this national park for an opportunity to be up close with the wild horses.

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Shipshewana, Indiana

Shipshewana is one of the places to see horses in the Midwest. Horses are in many fields and driving many buggies throughout Indiana’s Amish Country in Shipshewana, Indiana.

horse and buggy

On a recent visit to Shipshewana, I was introduced to Stone Horses. If you have ever received a “toy” horse as a child, there’s a good chance that you will fall in love with this business.

horses Shipshewana
horses Shipshewana painted
Shipshewana horses
horses painting shipshewana indiana

Stone Horses takes your toy horses to a whole new level. These horses are collectibles that you will value for the rest of your life and more!

Shipshewana Is Magical At Christmas

This incredible business creates unique Stone Horses. Each model horse is handcrafted and hand painted by the artisans of Peter Stone Model Horse Artist Foundry. The beginning to end process is truly fascinating. If you love horses, you will truly adore the model horses that are created in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Florence, South Dakota

Joy Nelson’s dream has come to life at Joy Ranch in South Dakota. With more than 100 acres to help people create memorable experiences, Joy has brought her mission to life.

Joy Ranch Chapel South Dakota
Joy Ranch South Dakota

Everyone is welcome to visit, including those with mental and physical challenges.

Horse Joy Ranch
Horse Joy Ranch
Lodging Joy Ranch

Ride the horses, take a dip in the lake, stay in one of the 16 uniquely themed hotel rooms, pray in the chapel, or camp at Coyote Campground. Stroll the 1880s town and embrace a simple lifestyle. Sometimes all we need is to have a conversation with a horse- Joy Ranch offers that and more!

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No matter where you travel, there’s a good chance that you will come across another one of the best places to see horses in the Midwest.

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