Three Things I Love About Atlanta, Georgia

I recently spent a couple days exploring Atlanta, Georgia, and I cannot wait to share all about my adventures in the near future. There are three things that I have grown to love while in Atlanta. A special Thank You to City Pass for the opportunity to explore Atlanta!

The architecture here is amazing! The buildings here are all very unique and tall. They each offer their own character and voice to the land around them.

Building in Buckhead

The museums here are family friendly. The Georgia Aquarium is home to several marine animals that will “wow” you! Where else can you find a seahorse and an alligator under one roof? Yep, that is what you will find at the Georgia Aquarium and more.

Georgia Aquarium

Transportation is readily accessible and very easy to use. Taxi cabs are around every corner, and the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority) is an affordable way to get from Point A to Point B. MARTA includes bus and rail service throughout the Atlanta area. The signs at the airport make your connection with MARTA easy to find. I also found the signs around town, in regards to transportation, descriptive and easy to find.

The MARTA in Atlanta

The architecture, museums, and transportation are three things that I immediately fell in love with while visiting Atlanta. And did I mention the food? Well, I cannot wait to share more in a future post, in regards to food. The food here is amazing, as well as the open air dining.

Centennial Olympic Park is located within walking distance of the Coca-Cola Museum, Georgia Aquarium, CNN News, Atlanta Children’s Museum, and much, much more! Centennial Olympic Park is home to beautiful gardens, statues, waterfalls, and stunning views of the Atlanta skyline.

I cannot wait to share more detailed information on my visit to Atlanta, Georgia, in the near future. A person could easily spend 4-5 full days exploring Atlanta and still have sites left to see. What’s your favorite attraction in Atlanta? I’d love to hear about it!

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