Cute Little Mountain Town South of Estes Park: Allenspark, Colorado

It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy a summer visit to the mountains of Colorado. The Estes Park area has been a family favorite for years. This summer I had the delight of exploring what Allenspark, Colorado has to offer. Take highway 7 south of Estes Park and within 15 minutes, you will find yourself in Allenspark. It was by chance that I spent a few hours in this town and thought I’d share the cuteness with all of you.

Who doesn’t love a little church in the mountains? I visited on a Sunday and witnessed several people exiting the church after Sunday services, which told me that this is a popular church in the area.

church in Allenspark

The Meadow Mt. Cafe is open from 7:30 a.m.- 2 pm. I ate lunch at this cute cafe and noticed that several local folks were dining here, alongside visitors. Most folks that were dining in the cafe had summer homes or were on a short day trip through the mountains. I ordered a hamburger and I would highly recommend it to anyone that dines here. Several folks were ordering breakfast for lunch, and it also looked very tasty. I was seated up on this porch area and it had a very nice view!

Meadow Mt. Cafe


And then there are cute little road signs like this in Allenspark! Isn’t this fun?

Ski Road


The first thing you will see upon driving into Allenspark is the post office which is straight ahead and then right to your left is Distant Harbors Gift Shop. A quaint gift shop that offers gifts as well as inspiration for your home decor. Have a few minutes to spare? Find a seat right here on the patio of the Distant Harbors Gift Shop and check out the mountainous peaks which surround Allenspark.

Gift Shop Chairs


The flowers and decor surrounding this gift shop were simple, yet fun!

bicycle with flowers

This wall in just a few short hours of visiting Allenspark, Colorado. A few locals asked, “Are you planning to stay in town for the night?” I sadly had to respond that I was not. I think it’s fair to say that next time I will look into lodging into this cute little mountain town….. it was such a fun place to visit! I might also add that Allenspark, Colorado has a pay phone that does work and it costs 50 cents to make a four minute call.

Tell me… Where’s your favorite little mountain town? I’d love to hear about it.

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