Pork Chop at Villagio Grille

The Best Pork Chop Ever At Villaggio Grille In Orange Beach

I have eaten a lot of pork in my life. Growing up on an Iowa farm and a proud farmer’s daughter, I honestly thought I had eaten the best pork chop ever. The Villaggio Grille in Orange Beach, Alabama proved me wrong.

The Villaggio Grille is located at The Wharf, an entertainment district located near the Alabama Coastline. Here you can find family entertainment, one of the largest ferris wheels in the southeast, and the best pork chop ever!

I opted to dine indoors where a quiet dining experience awaited.

Dining Room at Villagio Grille

Wine lovers will appreciate the nice selection of wines. Before dinner arrived, a Villaggio Cheese Plate was on its way. I fell in love with the mango cheese.

Cheese platter at Villagio Grille

A quick glance at the dinner menu and I was determined to try the Bone In Pork Chop. The Pancetta Pea Mac & Cheese, Grilled Asparagus, and Demi-Glace all blended together. The flavors were mouthwatering and then some! I have never experienced such a tender, juicy and just right flavored pork chop. This Iowa traveler went to the Alabama Gulf Coast and found the best pork chop ever.

Pork Chop at Villagio Grille

A meal at the Villaggio Grille would not be complete without dessert. The chocolate truffle cake was out of this world. Made just right with berries to top it off.

Chocolate Truffle Cake Villagio

The Villaggio Grille makes for the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. I would not suggest dining here in shorts and a tank top. Villaggio Grille is consistently a winner’s choice when it comes to dining in Orange Beach. It’s a restaurant that prides itself on their food quality and amazing taste that they serve to their patrons. From pizza to sandwiches, and the best pork chop ever, the menu at the Villaggio Grille will not disappoint. You will easily find something on the menu to claim as your all time favorite. And if you are like me, you will find something as mouthwatering as the best pork chop ever!

Have you dined at the Villaggio Grille? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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The Villaggio Grille at The Wharf in Orange Beach is a must visit while in town. The Alabama Gulf Coast is a foodie lover’s dream come true.

*Thank you to Villaggio Grille for hosting me for dinner. The hospitality and food were out of this world.



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4 thoughts on “The Best Pork Chop Ever At Villaggio Grille In Orange Beach

  1. It automatically wins for me because of the aspragus! But, seriously looks delicious! I’m still working on T to consider Orange Beach for our 5 year anniversary trip next winter!!

  2. This pork chop looks dreamy. The meals you enjoyed on your trip looked incredible. Bone-in chops are the best. My parents never prepared pork chops. I remember eating my first bone-in chop on a road trip with another family in Montana and it changed my life!

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