Using Instagram To Find The Awesome In Florida: #LoveFl

Traveling with a smart phone and social media in tow can lead you to places you may have never visited. Recently, my husband and I were in Florida and I found that the tourism folks in Florida were using the hashtag #LoveFl. Of course, that intrigued this traveling, social media enthusiast. I hopped over to Instagram and searched the hashtag #LoveFl 

The first picture that popped up was something that did not resemble what I thought Florida should look like. My jaw dropped, as I wanted to find that place! A quick search showed that we were approximately 20 miles from Blowing Rocks Preserve in Hobe Sound, Florida.

Blowing Rocks Preserve offers walking trails with fabulous views, as well as a nature center. All of this, way off the beaten path, but worth the drive! How’s this for a view?

Hobe Sound

If you adore the beach, nature and views that will leave your jaw dropping, you need to visit Blowing Rocks Preserve. The path to views like this, is also a view in itself.

trail in blowing rocks

There’s a lot of history here at Blowing Rocks Preserve. The preserve actually began in 1969, when generous residents of Jupiter Island donated 73 acres of their island to the Convservancy. The preserve runs for one mile from north to south and then from the Atlantic Ocean on the east to the Indian River Lagoon on the west. What I find so interesting is that the Blowing Rocks Preserve reflects what the South Florida barrier islands looked like a century ago. And I believe that’s what drew me into the photo that I found on Instagram. It was so different from what I typically think of Florida. I am so glad that I stumbled on that Instagram post. Had I not, I honestly don’t think I would have found myself visiting this beautiful slice of the Sunshine State.

Need more inspiration? Here ya go!


If you are visiting Florida and want something a little different from the usual beach and theme parks. Why not head on over to Jupiter, Florida and check out Blowing Rocks Preserve? I know you will be glad you took the time to check it out.

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21 thoughts on “Using Instagram To Find The Awesome In Florida: #LoveFl

  1. This is not far from West Palm Beach. You would find this stunning, as it’s so different, yet beautiful, from what we think of Florida being.

  2. I love the #LoveFL campaign from Visit Florida. I haven’t been to Jupiter yet, but I have friends in the West Palm Beach area. I’ll keep this in mind for the next time I visit them.

  3. The location feature in insta posts is indeed helpful to gather info on any place. I haven’t been to Florida yet, but I use that feature to find info about other places.

  4. Love the #LoveFL – you’re right it’s a great way to get inspiration for where to visit and what to see – haven’t been to Blowing Rocks Preserve myself yet but it looks great! Would love to 🙂

  5. I haven’t visited Florida yet but do associate it with Orlando and theme parks so I really enjoyed finding out about other places to visit! What a great way to use Instagram too – I will have to try that for some destinations I am heading to!

  6. I always use Instagram to discover new places where I travel or plan to travel. I have never used the hashtags with ‘love’ before, but I am going to try it from now on.
    Oh and Florida is amazing! there are awesome things to see almost everywhere!

  7. Hashtags are such a great way to find new things! I LOVE this and look forward to stumbling on more fun spots through my travels.

  8. Great idea to use a local hashtag to find a fun spot! Your trip looks fabulous–we’re heading the surprisingly awesome fake beach of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. 🙂

  9. Thank you for continuing to help all of us find unique and awesome way to connect to real places and real people, but doing it in smart, safe ways. I’m inspired to keep looking for great ways to connect with the world around me! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

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