Photo Tour of My Three Hour Visit To St. Paul

St Paul Skyline Feature

I recently had the opportunity to spend three hours in St. Paul, Minnesota. My mind was left with an impression that is screaming, “Return now!” When is the last time you explored St. Paul? I will admit it, as a midwesterner, I have overlooked this Minnesota destination. I’d love to hear what you think I should add to my to do list when I return.

Take a glimpse of what those lasting impressions look like to me.

St Paul Bridge

River Boat St Paul (2)

River Boat St Paul

Barge on River

View of St Paul

Hot dog food truck

food truck stand


So…. tell me, are you ready to plan a visit to St. Paul? If so, connect with the good folks of St. Paul Tourism.



While exploring St. Paul, be sure to use the Hashtag #MySaintPaul.

I look forward to returning and sharing more of this area with all of you.




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19 Comments to Photo Tour of My Three Hour Visit To St. Paul

  1. SaraB says:

    What a fun place to call home!

  2. SaraB says:

    You would love the area and bonus that you have family there!

  3. Tami says:

    Looks like you filled your three hours pretty full! I’ve never been to St. Paul, so I’m no help in giving recommendations. But I do want to visit someday. I have a sister-in-law in Minneapolis, and I really want to go visit and see everything!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you can return again to explore more! We live in St. Paul and love it here. It does seem to get overlooked quite often, but there are a ton of great things to see!

  5. These pictures are fantastic. One of my goals is to visit more of the US. Being from Toronto my fave go to city is always New York. Clearly US has so much to offer

  6. SaraB says:

    It’s definitely worth rethinking and start planning!

  7. Katie says:

    Being from the Midwest as well I never really thought of visiting St. Paul. However, after viewing your pictures I might need to rethink.

  8. SaraB says:

    Yes, a little water and then throw in a food truck- that makes it even better!

  9. SaraB says:

    It was really a great experience~ I’ll be returning soon.

  10. Jean says:

    St Paul certainly looks like a great city to explore. Such a pity that you had only three hours here

  11. Lovely photos. It seems you spent a lot of time by the water. If I had three hours, I would do exactly that too πŸ™‚

  12. SaraB says:

    It is a beautiful city!

  13. badfan says:

    Oh 3 hours is definitely not enough. I wish to go there too – will surely connect with their tourism board to discover St Paul “properly” πŸ™‚

  14. kad8585 says:

    I give you a lot of credit. I dunno if I would leave the airport with only 3 hours. And minnestoa has never really been on my travel radar but maybe I need to rethink thT. Thanks!!

  15. pswdarlene says:

    Awesome photos! I especially like that picture with stained glass. Looks like you would really come back there.

  16. St Paul looks like a beautiful city!! Bit far away from Australia, but hopefully one day I will get that to that side of the world!

  17. SaraB says:

    We may have!

  18. Did we meet at Tbex? That was a fun party. Loved the GF/Vegan food truck!

  19. Tom says:

    St Paul looks like an interesting city, I bet you wish you had more than 3 hours to see it! I know I’d like more than that!

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