Enchanted Acres: Fall Fun In Iowa

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Fall is an exciting time of year in Iowa. The colors of fall are abundant and the combines are heading out into the Iowa fields to harvest the crops. Shannon Latham, of Sheffield, Iowa; has built one of the nicest pumpkin patches I have ever visited!

Shannon Latham’s business, Enchanted Acres, has been a work in progress. She has something everyone in the family will enjoy. One moment that has stuck with me since I left Enchanted Acres, was a man sitting comfortably in a rocking chair near the barn. He was comfortable, enjoying the sights and sounds of Enchanted Acres. There’s something to be said about a little solitude out in the country in Iowa. I quickly learned that pumpkin patches are designed for people of all ages.

Each year the play area at Enchanted Acres offers more fun for the kids. The tire swings are very popular, in the midst of the children’s play area.

tire swings at Enchanted Acres

If you love the colors of Fall, Enchanted Acres is for you! With several colorful pumpkins to choose from, you will find one to meet your needs. There are pumpkins for decorating, canning, pies, carving and even pumpkins for painting.

kids painting pumpkins

So, no matter what your need is, Enchanted Acres has you covered in the pumpkin department. You can pick your own, or choose from pre-picked varieties. I observed families going out to pick their own, as well as choosing them from the piles that had been pre-picked.

The goats, chickens and rabbits have always been a hit. The new addition for 2017 is Wilbur, the pig!

Enchanted Acres is located right off of I-35 in North Central Iowa. Take the Sheffield, Iowa exit and go 2 miles East. Like Enchanted Acres on Facebook and Twitter  to keep you up to date with all of the happenings.


Friday: 9-5 (Free gate admission)

Saturday: 9-5 ($5.00 per person)

Sunday: 11-5 ($5.00 per person)

So, tell me, have you ever visited a pumpkin patch and what did you like most about it?

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29 Comments to Enchanted Acres: Fall Fun In Iowa

  1. Jas says:

    I loveeeeee pumpkin picking!!! Enchanted Acres definitely sounds and looks like a family friendly destination!

  2. SaraB says:

    Ah yes… what a game!

  3. PackYourBaguios says:

    Thanks for sharing a bit of Iowa. Great football game between Iowa and Penn State by the way. Iowa should have won! This brings back memories of growing up in Sumner, Washington where my mom had grown pumpkins for the fall pumpkin patch sale. I would try to hide the best pumpkins, but someone would always take it home with them. I ended up with the poor oblong discolored pumpkin. My wife loves Wilber who is a big fan of pigs. Wilber is so expressive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the fall in the US. When I was living in Europe it was my least favorite time of the year but here I love it. All the pumpkins and harvest decorations with colours are so pretty. And it is so fun for kids.

  5. I bet the kids really enjoy checking out Enchanted Acres. Pumpkins are really cool and fun to see a pumpkin patch so you get to know how they are grown. Wilbur the pig is very cute.

  6. SaraB says:

    I agree with you 100%~ Perfect place for a fall weekend.

  7. Zoya says:

    What a fun idea for a family outing! I just love visiting ‘farm style’ places, especially ones where you can do DIY projects. Not sure I’m into pumpkin jam, but pumpkin pie sounds delicious!

  8. Enchanted Acres is a pretty place to hang out during the weekends. Great for families with small kids. The prices are not so bad at all either.

  9. Antonina says:

    I miss conventional autumns – haven’t experienced it for 10 years since I moved to India. Thanks for the colorful post.

  10. SaraB says:

    Our leaves are turning here in Iowa, a little early, but it’s pretty colorful!

  11. This seems like a great place to take children to. I can’t wait ’til the fall foliage arrives to the east coast!

  12. SaraB says:

    I could have watched Wilbur all day long, he’s definitely the hit of this pumpkin patch for 2017!

  13. I think that this is a great activity for kids. If I have children, I’d definitely bring them to this place to experience all the fun activities. Congratulations for this great idea.

  14. Marvi says:

    Enchanted Acres sounds like a great place to visit especially for families! … Wilbur the Pig looks cute! haha.. I was smiling when I watched your video. It looked like he (or she?) was welcoming everyone.. LOL.

  15. Gretchen says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite season, and part of the reason is how much great stuff there is to do like this everywhere!

  16. Oh, I do like autumn. Great reminder that it is just aorund the corner, with all the pumpkin carving and so on to come. Yay!

  17. SaraB says:

    Where did you grow up? You should plan a return visit. Go to the pumpkin patch and take a walk down memory lane with your kids.

  18. This is not far from where I grew up. It will be a fun place to take my kids when I return to the midwest to visit family.

  19. SaraB says:

    Yes, visit Iowa~ We will welcome you!

  20. We love Enchanted Acres! My kids always have a great time and it is fun to get out and do something outside as family in the fall.

  21. Wilbur looks like such a sweet angel!! Need to visit and cross Iowa off my list too!!


  22. SaraB says:

    Friday & Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-5

  23. Christy Welsh says:

    So what are the hours and days of this pumpkin patch? Sounds like lots of fun for our family of 5

  24. SaraB says:

    Those Cinderella Pumpkins were very cool!

  25. Places like this are one of the reasons I really love this season! This place looks like it has an especially nice selection of pumpkins (beyond the traditional orange jack-o-lantern types), squash and gourds. Among my favorite squash every fall are the little “Sweet potato” varieties…which ones are your favorites here?

  26. Tonya says:

    I’ve visited many pumpkin patches over the years with my family. One of our favorites had a spud slinger that my boys thought was the coolest thing ever!

  27. SaraB says:

    Yes, it was built from the ground up! It’s fun to see hard work pay off for good people.

  28. What a great place that must be especially meaningful to see since it was built from the ground-up. I always love when “town” kids can have real life farm experiences.

  29. What a fun place – love how friendly it is!

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