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Norm’s News Offers A Tasty Burger & More In Kalispell, Montana

My husband and I stumbled on a fun, old fashioned soda fountain in Kalispell, Montana; while on an epic road trip across the northwest. We were drawn to Norm’s News through a quick search through Trip Advisor. We found ourselves ordering burgers, as was suggested. The burgers here were real burgers and tasted fantastic!

burger at Norms News

My husband ordered a Green River Phosphate and also gave it rave reviews!

Green River

Barrels of old fashioned candy and candy lined the walls. I found this wall particularly intriguing. The beauty of this, when you sit at the old fashioned soda fountain, you glance in a mirror and can read this the proper way.

Norms wall for mirror

While we were sitting at the counter area, we noticed a family walk in. It appeared that the kids were just as excited to eat at Norm’s News as Mom & Dad were. There’s something on the menu for anyone that enjoys a good old fashioned American menu.

While traveling through Montana it became quite evident that huckleberry anything is very popular. Looking back on our visit, I wish I would have ordered a slice of huckleberry pie. And then at check out, there’s a cabinet full of fresh, homemade fudge! Somehow, someway, we managed to walk out without a slice of fudge.

Norm’s News made for the ideal stop for us, after spending a day playing in Glacier National park. We had eaten our lunch in the park and were ready for an all American meal, which Norm’s News offered.

driving in Glacier

Something to make note of, you pay at the cash register and tell the cashier what your ordered. We honestly found this refreshing. This made us feel like we had just dined at home and eaten a home cooked meal.

Who doesn’t love an all american meal with all the freshness that a juicy hamburger and a shake or malt to accompany it? Two people can easily dine for $20, which includes all the additional sides and trimmings both of you could want.

chili at Norms

Located right on the main drag at 32 Main Street, in Kalispell, Montana, you cannot miss Norm’s News! Swing in and experience an all american burger with great customer service and a view to remember.

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12 thoughts on “Norm’s News Offers A Tasty Burger & More In Kalispell, Montana

  1. Such a simple concept to pay at the register, right? I had to take a double take of the mural.

  2. Norms News looks like a classic. Loved the mural on the wall seems very ghostly in a good way. The fact that you just tell them what you ate at the register makes me love them even more. Bookmarking so I don’t miss it when we get to Montana.

  3. One of the reasons I love epic road trips is to run into out of the way places like Norm’s News. The food sounds fantastic. I would definitely stop by if I am ever in Kalispell.

  4. I had huckleberry in the form of ice cream for the first time recently in Oregon. So good! Like you I wish I had more of it and definitely in pie form. Mmmm. That bright green drink is a shocker that’s for sure! Good to hear it tastes good.

  5. I’m hopping in my car and heading right over! Well, not really, but my mouth is watering. As we are discussing the possibility of a cross-country road trip next summer, we may just stop in and check them out.

  6. I am officially down to only 6 states until I’ve been to all 50 and Montana is one of them…and this burger looks like a great meal to plan the trip around!

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