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Luxury Lodging In a Tiny House At Golden Village Palms RV Resort

Did you know that you can combine luxury lodging and the experience of a tiny house at Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, California? I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in the San Jacinto Valley and let me tell you, I’m ready to return tomorrow!

In all of my travels, there’s not a week that doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t mention the words down sizing or tiny house. Golden Village Palms RV Resort is a fantastic way to experience life in a luxurious tiny house. Daily and weekly rates are available, as well as an option to buy. My suggestion, book a week stay at Golden Village Palms RV Resort and experience the amenities that are available. The kitchen offers full size appliances and a nice area to prep and serve your meals. With 400 square feet, you will quickly learn to love your tiny house at Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, California. It took me a whole 15 minutes to fall in love with my home for four days.

kitchen in tiny home

A master bedroom with a queen size bed, luxury linens, dishes, 2 television sets and a DVD player, outside patio set and BBQ are some of the features to make your stay in a tiny house complete.

I can guarantee you that a view like this will be love at first sight.

neighborhood and golden village

Here’s a street where everyone will know your name! Imagine yourself sitting out on your patio, drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book. You will have a place to call home and meet lifelong friends along the way in Golden Village Palms RV Resort.

On a hot day, hop in the swimming pool and then when the sun sets, hop into one of the hot tubs to relax after an adventurous day.

pool at golden village

The beauty of Golden Village Palms RV Resort is the fact that you can do as much or as little as you choose. The park itself will entertain you 24/7. From the pools to shuffleboard and all the extra activities, you will never be bored. If you are new to shuffleboard, be sure to alert the front desk and they will be happy to find a fellow guest that will be happy to teach you how to play.

shuffleboard area

Should you opt to venture out of the gated community, I highly recommend a visit to La Michoacana 100% Natural for a flavored ice cream treat. I opted for this kiwi popsicle and it hit the spot.

Sara with popscile

Golden Village Palms RV Resort is a destination in itself. Surrounded in the natural beauty of the San Jacinto Valley, you will instantly fall in love with this community. If you have been contemplating a warmer climate during the cooler months, make your reservations now. Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, California will roll out the red carpet and welcome you tomorrow.

*Thank you to Golden Village Palms RV Resort and San Jacinto Valley for hosting me during my stay.


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18 thoughts on “Luxury Lodging In a Tiny House At Golden Village Palms RV Resort

  1. Sara’s right! It’s a way to experience luxury amenities without emptying your pocketbook, and it does feel like you’ve acquired a new family when you stay at Golden Village Palms!

  2. You know you’re in a retirement community when there is shuffleboard! Ha! I’ve never seen a facility like that. Regardless, the “tiny house” is totally cute and who would have thought that type of spot would be available for travelers. Very cool.

  3. Jeni~ This little shop had the BEST frozen treats! It was hard to decide what to order. I need to return to try like 20 different flavors!

  4. The tiny house was fun and the popsicle just topped it all of! You and your hubby would love this resort.

  5. What a fun place to stay!!! Thanks for sharing the RV Resort with us and San Jacinto Valley looks amazing! Now I know even more about another destination I want to visit. BTW, that popsicle looks amazing!

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