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Charming Lodging Near The Sea: Hofsas House Hotel In Carmel By The Sea

Charming lodging in Carmel By The Sea is what you find at the Hofsas House Hotel. Having recently celebrated 70 years in the business, they do know a little something about the hospitality industry. Now that’s something to be proud of, very proud of. When is the last time you stayed at a hotel that offered doors like this?

Sara Hofsas House

When you stay with Carrie and her family at the Hofsas House Hotel, you will be treated like family. Breakfast is served daily and you can enjoy your meal around the fireplace in the lobby or carry it back to your room.

Gathering area at Hofsas

Each of the 38 units has its own character and offers a nice space to sprawl out and call yours.

Charming unit at Hofsas House

If you are interested in sunset views, be sure to request a balcony room with a view when you make your reservation.

The location of Hofsas House Hotel cannot be beat. It is truly a couple blocks from the heart of Carmel, yet it sits on a hill that offers views of the area that you cannot find elsewhere. A heated swimming pool is on site, which is not common to the area, due to the size of the lots.

I personally appreciate the fact that each room is unique, as there are not two spacious rooms that are identical on the property. This adds to the charm that you will not find in any other hotel in the area.

I’d highly recommend spending a full day in the town of Carmel By The Sea. There’s a lot to explore in this slice of American scenery. The ocean is a short walk from Hofsas House Hotel, with beauty that you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Ocean Carmel

The shops in Carmel offer unique finds and outstanding customer service. Wine tasting and a nice selection of restaurants are also available for you to choose from. The locals can give you their recommendations for food choices and I can tell you, they have not steered me in the wrong direction.

Off street parking is available at your hotel, so you can park your car and not worry about parking while you stay at the Hofsas House Hotel.

Ocean Avenue

Carmel is a walkable town, so put on your walking shoes and check out Carmel By The Sea.

Nature enthusiasts will want to make a short drive to Point Lobos. Here is where you can experience views of the sea that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Point Lobos View

The coastal views here are out of this world, as are the beautiful cypress trees that are common in this area. If this doesn’t get you in a coastal mind, Carmel’s world famous 17 mile drive will take you there.

Have you stayed at a charming hotel in a seaside community? If so, I’d love to hear about it. The Hofsas House Hotel is one of the most charming hotels that I have ever stayed at in a seaside community.

*Thank you to Hofasas House Hotel for hosting me on my two week road trip out west.



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24 thoughts on “Charming Lodging Near The Sea: Hofsas House Hotel In Carmel By The Sea

  1. It looks so inviting. I like the fact that each unit looks differently. It’s also great that you have included information about the area. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have never been to such place but it looks pretty charming and cozy. Like a great place for relaxing during a weekend. The doors are really cool indeed 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’ve seen the Hofsas House before but I’ve never stayed. You’re right that it is pretty much in the perfect location in Carmel for easy access to everything. Might have to book a night there on my next trip.

  4. There’s no better way to describe this than charming! Those doors are just the cutest and if someone is in business for 70 years, you can be sure that they know what they’re doing. Lovely place!

  5. I haven’t been to any where near California yet. Looks real cool place to stay put and explore. I particularly like the bedroom furnishings. So sober.

  6. This is a lovely place by the sea. The interiors look elegant but homely and comfortable. The fact that you can walk out and reach the sea adds to the allure of the place,

  7. I love Carmel! It’s one of my mom’s favorite places and my dear friends were engaged there. With sweet places like this, I bet they have marriage proposals all the time.

  8. I just came back from a trip to CA. It’s one of my favorite places ever! I will definitely add Carmel to the itinerary the next time I’m in the neighborhood!

  9. oh how I miss the California coast. When I used to live in San Diego, I would often drive the PCH all the way up to Malibu on the weekend and a couple of times I went to Santa Barbara and Ventura County but I am sad to admit that I never drove further up.
    I think I will have to add an epic PCH Road Trip from San Diego all the way up to Vancouver and when I hit Carmel by the Sea I would love to stay at the Hofsas House. Those half doors are so cool!
    Why would anyone want to take their breakfast back to their room when you can sit in the cool lobby by the fireplace?

  10. This sounds like a lovely place to go for a relaxing weekend and explore the Carmel area. And the hotel seems to be in a perfect location to see everything on foot!

  11. Beautiful area — just beautiful! And the rooms in the Hofsas House Hotel are so quaint; I’d love to spend a weekend getaway there. Sounds like a great place to explore and photograph!

  12. I’ve been following your California trip~ I was in some of the same spots a couple months ago! It’s seriously one of the most beautiful places, ever.

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