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Highlights of Road Tripping Across I-94 In North Dakota

Is North Dakota on your bucket list? Here’s why you need to take it off of your list and begin your road trip across I-94. When you begin your trek across I-94 in the Fargo-Moorhead area, your first stop is the welcome center. Here is where you can take a selfie with the world famous “wood chipper!”

Sara selfie with woodchipper

And just in case, you have been struggling to visit North Dakota, here is your photo opportunity. Ask one of the friendly staff in the welcome center to take your picture here. This is special, as it states, “Is this the end of your quest to visit all 50 states” Welcome to the Club! If you have not visited North Dakota and it’s state #50- here is why you need to visit.

Welcome to the club North Dakota

I’m not sure why North Dakota seems to be state #50 to visit for many, but it seems to be. While in Fargo, swing down main street to check out the foodie finds and this iconic sign!

FARGO sign

A road trip across I-94 in North Dakota would not be complete without a selfie with the “World’s Largest Buffalo” in Jamestown. Stroll through Frontier Village and learn how the early settlers lived in this area. Note: Exit 258 is a must for families.

World's largest buffalo selfie

Heading west on I-94, Fort Abraham State Park is located on down the road near Bismarck. The views of the prairie are beautiful. If you have always wanted to walk in an area with wide open views and a prairie loaded with color, this is your park.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

While strolling through the park, the views, history and the experience in itself will blow you away.

A walk across the North Dakota prairie is sure to be a highlight of your road tripping experience across I-94.

Continuing west, the Enchanted Highway is not to be missed. Yes, you will hop off of I-94 for a detour to experience the awesomeness of this highway. Allow a good 2 1/2 hours to take it all in. Along with amazing sculptures, be sure to be on the look out for a horse or two.

horses in North Dakota

Your road tripping experience wraps up in Medora. Here is where you can take in the world famous Medora Musical and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

And one last selfie! Road tripping across I-94 in North Dakota would not be complete without a selfie in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Selfie

Now is the time to start planning your road trip across I-94 in North Dakota. I need a return trip to North Dakota, as I need to explore the Highways and Byways that cross this beautiful state. Tell me, have you been to North Dakota? If not, what’s standing in your way?

If a reliable rental car is standing in your way, check out your reputable local rental car companies. North Iowa Collision Center is near my home and they provided fantastic wheels for this road trip.

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*Thank you to Travel North Dakota for hosting me as I road tripped across I-94. North Iowa Collision Center provided my transportation as I crossed this beautiful state.


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30 thoughts on “Highlights of Road Tripping Across I-94 In North Dakota

  1. What a wonderful road trip. I totally love those meadows. I went on a road trip recently where I had to pass through similar green meadows. I had a strong desire to ditch the vehicles and run wildly into the green fields 🙂

  2. Glad you got a preview of our state. So much to see and do when one stops to take the time. A hidden gem! Give us a shout when you are next in the area. We’ve got some cool things waiting for you! Mary

  3. We have done this road trip and really loved Fargo, but especially Theodore Roosevelt National Park – it’s definitely in our top 5 national parks, and Medora is so cute!

  4. How fun, your post was reminiscent of the many road trips across North Dakota that my parents took us on when we were growing up. Have not been for 30 years now, but would love to do the trek again. there is so much beauty. We always went N. Dakota to Montana to Wyoming and back through S. Dakota, I think everyone should do it at least once!

  5. To be honest, when I think of road tripping through the US, North Dakota wouldn’t normally make the list. It looks like so much fun, though, so it absolutely doesn’t deserve to be the last state to be visited 🙂

  6. Such a cool road trip! This looks exactly like my kind of travelling. We did last year our first US road trip, now in march the second one on the East coast. I am already thinking about a good route for a third one and North Dakota looks actually pretty interesting, since this road trip should be quite a long one with a lot of US states and Theodore Roosevelt National Park looks pretty nice! Thanks, Sara for the inspiration.

  7. I honestly hadn’t considered visiting North Dakota, but a road trip through it to see the natural beauty sounds like a blast!

  8. We passed through North Dakota on our cross country trip (Washington DC to Seattle) 4 years ago. We didn’t have time for any sightseeing due to a tight schedule, so all I remember are endless prairies and an enormous amount of food served for any meal. Our trip was in late November, so the prairie looked very different: a yellow ocean of dry grass dotted with free-roaming horses and cows. For two days it was nothing else but the prairie. Some say it’s boring; to me this sheer vastness of land was breathtaking.

  9. Always enjoy a road trip and I was just about to write about my experience of road trip in Utah. Especially a road trip with the loved ones and it’s always fun to just stop around anywhere and enjoy the place @ knycxjourneying.com

  10. As a big nature lover, I find very appealing the prairie and the Theodore Roosevelt National park. North Dakota is a must to all true nature lovers!

  11. The landscape looks wide and inviting in North Dakota. Would love to visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park, there’s always so much beauty and history in America’s national parks!

  12. There is plenty to do. I think it’s a misconception that there is nothing to do in North Dakota. It’s not Disney or anything as massive as that, as it offers a place for families to slow down, reconnect with nature and explore a new place. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is seriously the easiest national park to navigate in the United States, while offering close up views of the wildlife without ever setting foot out of your car. North Dakota is also a fantastic foodie destination- Fargo offers some foodie stops that everyone will appreciate.

  13. It’s true… so many people have not been to North Dakota~ I’m not sure why, but they just don’t get there!

  14. I’m cracking up because my cousins had a 50-state challenge, and indeed, North Dakota was the last! I’ve never been, myself, but I did LOVE the time I spent in South Dakota (such beautiful landscapes!) and am seeing from your photos and details that the state north of it is worth my time!

  15. I wonder why they have a lot of sculptures. Did you ever find out why they call themselves state #50? What was your favourite part about it? I feel like there’s not much to do there which is why most people don’t make it their first choice?

  16. I love a good road trip and this one looks pretty good. Enjoyed seeing the outdoors, very scenic.

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