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Comfort At The Alt Hotel In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a city that offers way more than I ever imagined. It not only offered amazing shopping, it also offered contemporary lodging at the Alt Hotel with all the comforts of home. Americans will also love the price, as it’s relatively inexpensive to travel to Canada.

The Alt Hotel in Winnipeg is located near the Exchange District which offers some of the finest arts and foods you will find in this area. While staying here, I was able to walk to the Exchange District, shop a little and meet some shop owners. You can find beautiful pottery like this in the studio of Tara Davis.

pottery in exchange district

The arts are very popular in Winnipeg, who knew?

Upon checking in I was greeted with staff that was warm and extremely helpful. As usual, I asked a local what they would eat at Clementine Cafe, which was a short walk from the Alt Hotel. Just like clockwork, the local scored! My meal was amazing and worth the short stroll in Winnipeg.

The gathering area was one of those that I could have hung out in all day. The contemporary furniture and decor was enough to entice me upon entering the hotel.

Alt Hotel Chairs

The one thing that stood out to me the most while staying at the Alt Hotel in Winnipeg was how helpful the staff was. Every single staff person that I came in contact with had a smile on their face and was doing all they could to help each of their guests. I have stayed in a lot of hotels and I can honestly say that this is not always the case. The staff at this hotel understands customer service and what it takes to run a top notch hotel.

I, of course, noticed the social wall soon after checking in. I sent out a photo on Instagram so I could find my Instagram photo on the wall! The Alt Hotel in Winnipeg is definitely in tune with today’s traveler. When is the last time you were welcomed to a new hotel with a colorful wall featuring the highlights of the area?

Alt Hotel Social Wall

While in Winnipeg, be sure to catch a cab over to the Canadian Rights Museum. Cabs are easy to catch in Winnipeg, as they are the primary mode of public transportation. Tip: Ask the hotel staff at the Alt Hotel to arrange for pick up.

The high speed, reliable wi-fi was a nice feature, as well as the contemporary furnishings in my room.

Bed at Alt Hotel

The Alt Hotel in Winnipeg makes for a perfect stay for the occasional traveler, business traveler and someone wanting a night out on the town. What’s keeping you from booking a stay at the Alt in Winnipeg? If you live in the United States, I’d plan a visit now, as it’s fairly inexpensive to travel to Canada.

Connect with the Alt Hotel Winnipeg:

Website: http://www.althotels.com/en/winnipeg/

Facebook: Alt Hotel Winnipeg

Connect with Tourism Winnipeg: https://www.tourismwinnipeg.com/

*A thank you to Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg and the Alt Hotel Winnipeg for hosting me.

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