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Why You Need To Spend Time In Cheyenne And Not Drive Through

Cheyenne is one of those cities that I will openly admit that I have driven through several times. It’s conveniently located along two major interstates, I-25 and I-80 and on the way to several landmarks across our country. On a recent visit, I was pleasantly surprised, as Cheyenne sucked me right in. I cannot wait to return and plan to experience Cheyenne Days in 2018.

Stop in at the Cheyenne Candy Store Emporium and experience “old fashioned” candy in an atmosphere that takes you back in time! Tip: If you don’t see it on the shelf, ask!

Cheyenne, Wyoming

On your first day in town, I would highly suggest hopping on the Cheyenne Trolley Tour. This tour is a fantastic way to get an overview of the Cheyenne and all it has to offer. You can hop on and off throughout the tour, and the biggest bang for your buck is a Plus-Pass.

Trolley Driver Cheyenne

This will allow you plenty of time to experience the attractions along the route and enjoy local stories through the eyes of a local, your trolley driver. Tip: Have cash on hand, to tip your trolley driver.

Holliday Park is home to the world-famous Big Boy Steam Engine. Tip: Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy all that this park has to offer.

Big Boy Steam Engine

Cheyenne is a railroad town. Railroads and trains are a large part of the history of Cheyenne, as Cheyenne is “America’s Railroad Capital.” A must stop, is the Cheyenne Depot, which is located in the heart of Cheyenne. Here is where you can swing into the Visitor Center and experience the history of Cheyenne while watching the trains move by. Tip: Stop at the Visit Cheyenne kiosk for up to date tourist information.

The love of a cowboy is seen and felt throughout the city. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum is a highlight of any visit to Cheyenne. Here is where you will learn how the west was formed and the adventurous life of a cowboy.

Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

I can guarantee you that you will leave with a new appreciation of cowboys, such as Lane Frost. The museum staff are helpful and will answer all of your questions to the best of their ability. If you ask them a question they do not know, they will find a staff member that knows the answer. Tip: Photos are allowed.

If you are entering town on I-25 or I-80. The Tru By Hilton Hotel is easy to access and conveniently located to all of the fun activities in the city of Cheyenne. Eat breakfast at your hotel before you head out to enjoy the dining experiences that the city has to offer. Tip: Cheyenne’s Rib & Chop House makes for a great dining experience.

Stay tuned… you may find it hard to believe, but I have a lot more to share about Cheyenne! Have you spent time in Cheyenne? If so, I’d love to hear what your favorite things to do are.

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25 thoughts on “Why You Need To Spend Time In Cheyenne And Not Drive Through

  1. I’ve never been to Cheyenne or even to Wyoming. The candy store looks like a lot of fun – I totally loved going to the candy store as a kid and spending some coins on a few treats. I love looking around shops like that for candy I’ve forgotten I even used to buy.

  2. The Candy store! It looks perfect. I would go there immediately! Also, you’re right. I believe that every city deserves a little a stop by and not only driving trough. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Cheyenne, but it’s nice to know that it has a lot to offer! Will definitely keep this city in mind when I finally get around to the cross country road trip I’ve always wanted to take. Love “old fashioned” candy! Wish there were more around.

  4. Old fashioned candy stores are a favourite – Cheyenne Candy Store Emporium sounds fantastic! Thanks for all of the suggestions in Cheyenne.

  5. Wyoming is one of the few states we have yet to visit—we really need to take a trip out there soon! Good to know that Cheyenne has so much to offer! We will definitely have to make room for a stop in our itinerary. The Candy Store Emporium looks adorable, and the trolly tour looks like a fun way to see what the town has to offer!

  6. I visited Cheyenne, WY five years ago. What a beautiful town. Really enjoyed the store at Frontier Park and seeing where Frontier Days is held. Had a Harley Tour, compliments of my brother and good food at The Olive Garden as well as Texas Roadhouse. Will have to venture out west soon!

  7. I spent a summer working nearby Cheyanne and remember it fondly. We gawked at the Capitol and had lunch before returning to work. Looks like I missed a lot!

  8. Everything is looking good Sara. Especially that old style candy store. Love it; throwback to a time many decades ago, like you see in the movies. The kid comes in, doesn’t have a nickel for a piece of candy, and either someone buys it for him or the kid pays it off LOL. Rocking post.


  9. I love Cheyenne, but I live in Ga. what happened to the depot tower cam? I watched parades on that!!

  10. What a cool story~ thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience in Cheyenne! Sometimes car issues are a blessing, right?

  11. Cheyenne holds a special place in my heart. This might (re: WILL) date me and perhaps show my inner country but I’ll continue. The year was 1996 and George Straight’s “If I hurry I Can Still Make Cheyenne” got a lot of air time in my household. I decided I couldn’t take another day in Ohio (that plus actually graduating) so we packed everything we owned into a van and drove to Washington. Like you said, Cheyenne is at a crossroads of the west so we were driving through on our big freedom trip. The song made me insist on stopping on the way through town.

    Car trouble had us limping west until Nebraska, there we finally got our car fixed. By the time we reached Cheyenne, we were making great time and feeling the freedom of the road. We saw our first “Western” sunset and stopped in town for a diner. Walking out of the diner and seeing the Cheyenne night sky full of stars was the first time in my life I really realized how free I was and how I was in control of my own destiny.

  12. Well we’ve never been there at all! So it’s good to know there are a few good things to do in Cheyenne. Love trolley tours!

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