Explore The West At The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum In Oklahoma City

There’s something to be said about a day in the life of a cowboy. Upon my arrival at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, I quickly remembered how cowboys have had such a large impact in our country today. When I think of a cowboy, I think of the west and the hard work that goes into living on the land.

Here’s a little tip. When you enter the museum step over to the selfie station and take your photo with the The End of The Trail: An American Icon. It’s very easy to do.

Step on this sign on the floor.

Selfie station

Snap your photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #mywest.

Cowboy Museum OKC

If you have kids this is a simple way to show them a fun way to use social media and it’s also an opportunity to learn about the life of a cowboy. Notice how tired he and the horse are. Being a cowboy takes dedication and hard work.

I was greeted by the Sheriff who explained several displays throughout the museum and answered several questions that I had.

Sheriff at Cowboy Museum

If you have any questions, ask the volunteers and employees throughout the museum, as they are more than willing to help you. The Sheriff took pride in this museum and he was extremely proud to call the state of Oklahoma his home.

The people of Oklahoma City are resilient and are not afraid of hard work. A two-hour tour of the museum introduced me to Cowboys, Cowgirls, Native Americans, beautiful art galleries and the West! I might add, that next time, I would plan for three hours to take it all in; as there was more to experience.

Take a step back in time and visit a one-room school house. The American flag and actual books that children held in their hands were on top of the desks in the classroom.

one room school house

From the children talking in the one-room schoolhouse to the music playing in the parlor and church, this area of the museum is one not to miss. Prosperity Junction will humble you as you think back to a simpler place in time. Swing into the bank and listen to a cowboy asking for a loan. Times were simple, yet very difficult.

What was unique about this museum was the fact that it also offers stunning art galleries. The art featured in this museum were out of this world. I honestly felt as though I was in an art gallery in a big city or another country. Another unique thing for a western museum was the fact that they also have gardens to stroll through. Make time to take it all in and view the history throughout the gardens. There’s something all year long, as different plants and flowers look different throughout the year.

sculpture at cowboy museum

Some important tips to make your visit complete. The museum is handicapped accessible. There is adequate parking, which includes parking for rv’s and vehicles with trailers. A restaurant is on site, The Museum Grill, which offers fresh foods and good old western hospitality. Use your map that you are given upon entry, as it shows you how to find the “hidden” areas in the museum. Make note of where photography is allowed and where it is not.

What’s stopping you from exploring the West in Oklahoma City? Plan your visit today to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, as you won’t regret it. You will walk away humbled and grateful for the life of those that came before us.

*Thank you to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum for providing complimentary admission into the museum and to the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting me.


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