Touring Adventures On a Segway: Port Isabel & South Padre Island, Texas

Port Isabel and South Padre Island, Texas are home to segway tours. If you have never been on a Segway, you will have no worries, as the staff will assist you.

Segway Lesson

SegValley Tours will make your experience a fun, memorable one. Call (956)565-2404 to reserve your spot!


From Port Isabel to the beach on South Padre Island and on to the National Butterfly Center, there is a Segway tour for you. The options are phenomenal and are sure to offer you unique views of the area. I had the pleasure of partnering with SegValley Tours, as they hosted me on two tours. One being on Port Isabel and the other on the beach, over on South Padre Island.


Port Isabel is often overlooked by travelers, as they skip it on the way to the beach area. Make the time to explore this area, as you will not be disappointed.

I literally fell in love with the beauty and history that the area offered. The views from the historic lighthouse are stunning, with fantastic views over the causeway.

Port Isabel Lighthouse View

Hop on a Segway and you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend a Segway Tour of Port Isabel, as a way to introduce yourself to the area.


Listed on the website, as tour #1, the beach is included in this tour. When is the last time you strolled along a beach while riding a Segway? The route to the beach has a view all of its own and worth the stroll.

South Padre Segway

If you have never done this, I would place it high on your list of things to do. The views along the beach are as beautiful as ever, as it’s a totally different way to stroll along the beach. As you can tell, I was having so much fun; I did not get in line for the group photo when I was supposed to.

Padre Island Segway

Segway tours are growing in popularity as they do offer a unique way to explore an area. People often say to me, “I can’t do that.” Well, I’m here to tell you, if I can ride a Segway, you can too. I am not a graceful person, and I managed to stay upwards while exploring on Segways. If you don’t know anyone when you sign up, above all, you will be best friends after your tour!

Padre Island Segway Tour Group

If you are headed to the Valley in Texas, I’d highly recommend a Segway experience with SegValley Tours. Reserve your spot today at (956)565-2404 and join in the fun!

On a side note- If you are in need of lodging in the area, I would recommend The Southwind Inn in Port Isabel. Here you will find clean, comfortable lodging in a convenient location.

Happy Travels~ Sara


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