A Memorable Iowa Winter: 2019

An Iowa Winter is always a memorable one. Many of you know that my home state is Iowa and we have had a winter for the memory books. I am often asked what winter is really like. Let me show you, in a series of photos and you can enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has tossed our way.

I have never seen so many sundogs in my life. 2019 will go down as the winter with the sundogs! With cold temperatures and several snowstorms each week, there have been several photo opportunities.Snow storm moving in to Iowa

Mason City, Iowa East Park River

Iowa sundogs

Rail Road Tracks Iowa

snow shoeing in Iowa

Iowa Winter Sunrise

Sara Winter

Evergreens and Iowa snow

Iowa windmill


Level B Maintenance Road Iowa


Clear Lake Iowa Winter Lake

Iowa Sundogs Winter Day


Iowa Sunrise Sundogs

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