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Getting Crazy At Crazy R’s In Goodland, Kansas

Crazy R’s Bar & Grill in Goodland, Kansas is the place to go when in North West Kansas. You will not only have great food, but you will also have a destination experience in itself. Located on Main Street, it’s easy to find and worth making the time to indulge. Goodland, Kansas is proud to feature this fine dining establishment as a destination restaurant.


Rod Cooper is the proud owner and what I love about him, is he loves his community!

Crazy R - Goodland Kansas



In fact, while strolling through town, I learned that he has also invested in art and beautification projects in Goodland. There is a known saying, “You have not been to Goodland until you have eaten at Crazy R’s.” I have to say this is true.


The restaurant is loaded with antiques, collectibles, and anything that will drum up a conversation while dining here. You will find yourself immersed in Goodland as soon as you enter Crazy R’s. I ordered the ribeye, something one can never go wrong with!

Crazy R Ribeye Goodland, KS

When I asked several locals what foods they like best at Crazy R’s, most responded with the steak or the tenderloin. The burgers looked good as well. My friend, Roxie, a local ordered the burger and it looked really good! Locals tend to flock here for the prime rib. It’s served on a special night and they all know when it’s on the menu.


I love it when I can dine in a unique restaurant and meet the owner. Rod not only cares about serving up great food, but he really cares about his customers.

Crazy R Decor

From the fun displays throughout the restaurant to the great conversation, you can never go wrong with a meal from Crazy R’s in Goodland, Kansas.

The next time you are traveling on I-70 across Kansas, hop off at Exit 17 or 19, as both roads lead to this destination restaurant. You will be greeted with a smile and if you are lucky, Rod will come out and say, “Hello!” The folks of Goodland, Kansas will roll out the red carpet and welcome you!

Traveler Tip: Be sure to visit the Giant Vincent van Gogh painting while in Goodland, KS. It’s free and it’s open 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

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