The Best Things To Do In Jamestown, North Dakota

I have traveled across I-94 in North Dakota several times. On my most recent road trip across I-94, I spent some time in Jamestown, North Dakota, with my eight-year-old grandson. I knew that the “Worlds Largest Buffalo” would be a hit with him, and I also “thought” he would enjoy other things in Jamestown.

And, I was correct! My grandson and I had a delightful time in Jamestown, North Dakota. Seeing Jamestown through the eyes of my eight year old grandson was fun and it made me feel like a kid again. Here are the best things to do in Jamestown, North Dakota.

*Thank you to Jamestown, ND, for sponsoring this post. As always, the opinions are mine and nobody else’s.

Enjoy Lunch At Johnny B’s Brickhouse

215 1st Ave. S.
Jamestown, ND 58401

Lunch was fantastic at Johnny B’s Brickhouse. This establishment is kid-friendly. In fact, within two minutes of sitting down, my grandson had a coloring paper with colors in his hand.

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We enjoyed pizza, cheesesticks, and rootbeer. The atmosphere was fun and the food was delicious.

Explore Frontier Village

404 17th St SE
Jamestown, ND 58401

Frontier Village is free to visit, with an opportunity for all guests to donate to the village as they enter the village. Original buildings were brought to the site where North Dakota’s Frontier Village sits in Jamestown. You can explore the caboose, post office saloon, and of course, the General Store. I can’t imagine a Frontier Village without a General Store. My eight year old grandson found several hands on experiences in all of the buildings on site.

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Frontier Village ND
North Dakota bees
typewriter with boy

A fun find for all authors, like myself, is that western author Louis L’Amor is from Jamestown, North Dakota. If you are not sure you know who he is, if you walk into his writer’s shack, the covers of the books may jog your memory.

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North Dakota author
Writers Shack Frontier Village
North Dakota author

I recognized the covers of the books immediately, but I did not know that he hailed from Jamestown, ND.

Complete A Scavenger Hunt In Jamestown, ND

Frontier Village has a Scavenger Hunt for kids to complete. Start your adventure in Frontier Village at the Saloon and pick up your brochure to complete the Scavenger Hunt. My Grandson and I did complete it. We were on the “hunt” for 7 people. It took us a while (two hours) as some were “hidden” from us and it turned out, they are in clear view of all guests. Be sure to bring a colored crayon or pencil, so you can trace the faces of the people you find while at the posts they are featured on.

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt North Dakota

When you complete the Scavenger Hunt, head to the General Store. Someone in the store will review your brochure, verifying that you did complete the Scavenger Hunt.

Frontier Village
ice cream in North Dakota
Frontier Village General Store

You will then be given a $1 voucher for an ice cream treat and a pin! My Grandson is VERY proud of his pin and wears it proudly.

Take A Selfie With The World’s Largest Buffalo Monument

The World’s Largest Buffalo Monument is located in Frontier Village in Jamestown, North Dakota. In 2010, he was named Dakota Thunder. I have stopped here several times over the years to take a selfie, but this time I had to take one with my eight year old grandson.

Dakota Thunder North Dakota

You can make the stroll a few times when you are at the Frontier Village to view Dakota Thunder. This attraction is handicap accessible on a paved trail and makes for beautiful photos with the wide North Dakota skies.

Explore the North American Bison Discovery Center

500 17th St SE
Jamestown, ND 58401

The North American Bison Discovery Center surprised me in a good way. My husband and I have stopped at the Frontier Village several times over the years and this attraction has always been closed. Imagine my delight to explore it with my Grandson. This wonderful center shares a lot of western history, along with the history of the bison and where things stand today. I was surprised by the large number of hands-on experiences, and my eight year old grandson found every one of them. You can view Dakota Thunder from this attraction. Step outside on the deck and look across the pasture to view him.

viewing Dakota Thunder
American Bison Discovery Center
Hands on for kids at museum

If you are lucky, the bison will be strolling nearby the center on the day you visit. This was not the case on the day we visited, as the bison seemed to be in the shade; tucked away in a valley. When you are traveling I-94, it’s common to see the bison out in the pasture area. There is a small fee to visit and every single person that I saw in the center, commented on how well done this attraction is. They are open year round and the hours and days change with the seasons. Check the website before you visit, for updated hours.

View The Interactive ‘Food Is Fun’ Mural

Artist Max Patzner, along with his wife, Bethany, have created a fun mural in Jamestown, North Dakota. The mural runs alongside the building of Hugo’s Family Marketplace. When you are driving on First Avenue, you will not miss it.

Jamestown Mural
Jamestown Mural
Jamestown Mural
Jamestown Mural

My grandson loved the “fishing” experience and I got a good chuckle out of the “hot dish” quote. This mural runs the length of the building and it showcases bison, sunflowers, fishing, and all things North Dakota. This stunning work of art is one of the best things to do in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Experience A Water Park In Jamestown

I was pleasantly surprised when we checked into the Fairfield Inn & Suites to see a sign that said, “Water park is now open.” It took my eight year old grandson 45 seconds to notice it. At check in, you can see the waterslide through the windows of the hotel, and he found it right away.

water park Jamestown
waterpark Jamestown

My grandson spent 90 minutes playing in this indoor water park. It features two slides, a waterfall, and play animals that shoot water. I loved that the size of this space was designed so you can always see where your kids are. If you are traveling with kids, this hotel is a winner. Indoor water parks are open during rain, sun, and snow- what’s not to love about that? Breakfast was also top-notch. We both enjoyed a hot breakfast before we checked out of the hotel and hopped on I-94 to head home to Iowa.

Jamestown, North Dakota, is one of those places that you need to stop and not drive by. The World’s Largest Buffalo is visible from the highway, but it’s so much more fun to see it up close and personal. Make Jamestown a destination of its own and your kids will thank you!

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