The Gulf In Orange Beach Offers The Best Burger On The Beach

Entrance to The Gulf Restaurant


It’s no secret that I love to dine outdoors while traveling. Living in the MidWest, our outdoor dining options are not that great. When I can have a view like this with awesome food, I’m on it! The really nice thing about this outdoor dining area was the choices of seating. If you wanted a sofa, there was one available. If you preferred a chair, that was another choice. There were several unique areas to sit in. If you wanted shade, it was also available. If you are an outdoor dining enthusiast, The Gulf in Orange Beach, Alabama is a must experience.

Seating at The Gulf Restaurant


The Gulf, located at 27500 Perdido Beach Boulevard in Orange Beach, Alabama offers outdoor dining and a burger and friends that were out of this world. I ordered the Gulf Burger, which was recommended by a local, with fresh cut french fries, and it did not disappoint.

Burger at The Gulf


I drove by The Gulf in the evening and I can tell you that it would have been fun to dine here after dark. Granted, the views would not be as grand, but the ambience would be an experience in itself.

The menu at The Gulf was not overwhelming, just right, in my opinion. The Gulf Burger, friend grouper sandwich, grilled Mahi-Mahi, and the bbq beef tacos were all popular items coming out of the kitchen while I was eating my lunch.

The view here consisted of sugar fine sand, palm trees and the beautiful Gulf Shoreline of Alabama. There’s something to be said about eating a burger on the beach, definitely worth the experience. Be sure to check out the cute gift shop that is on site. They offered a nice variety of souvenir items, as well as home décor items that felt like the beach.

I stayed at the Caribe Resort, which was a short drive from The Gulf. I’d highly recommend a meal here when dining alone or with friends and family. The Gulf offered good food and an excellent experience!

The Gulf Dining View


*Thank you to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama for hosting me. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and nobody else’s. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.

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9 thoughts on “The Gulf In Orange Beach Offers The Best Burger On The Beach

  1. Could be bad, but in a good way- The views here are addicting! By the end of your visit, you would have had a nice conversation with several friendly employees, as well.

  2. I think this is a bad idea. If you sit people like me in a comfy outdoors sofa, give me a hamburger and fries and a beer…..I will never leave….lol

  3. The view is certainly impressive. I think I would definitely like to try to have lunch here. The burger looks very good but I would also like to try the mahi-mahi!

  4. Looks gorgeous!! Not what immediately comes to mind when I think of Alabama, but it seems very chill and like a relaxing spot for a meal!

  5. I LOVED this place! I do think the fried grouper sandwich will be on my order when I return, it’s ranked right up there! I found all the seafood in all the restaurants to be amazing!

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