The Lighthouses of Door County

Door County Lighthouse

The lighthouses of Door County are truly something special. While in Door County, it is possible to see all of the lighthouses, but on my recent visit I was on a rather tight schedule and saw most of them. I can’t wait to return to see the ones that I missed.

The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is located in Peninsula State Park. You do have to pay entrance fees to the park, which are worth paying. The drive to the lighthouse is also stunning, so be sure to make time to stop along the way to take in the view. Once you arrive, stroll around the grounds and take it all in.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse


Sturgeon Bay is home to this beautiful red lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is not visible from the parking area, so pay attention to the signage in the area. You can walk out near the lighthouse, but you cannot walk next to it. The walkway out to the lighthouse itself is a walk worth taking.

walkway to lighthouse

The stroll out to the tip here was worth the walk. Once out near the end, a view of the beautiful red Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse was right there!

Red lighthouse in Door County

The Cana Island Lighthouse is located on an island that you walk to. The grounds on Cana Island are worth the visit in themselves.

Cana Island Lighthouse Grounds

The Cana Island Lighthouse is home to 97 steps that will take you to the top. I did not climb to the top on the day of my visit, as it was foggy and drizzly. I would definitely make the climb, the next time I go back to the Cana Island Lighthouse. Here’s the view of the lighthouse from the bay side.

Cana Island Lighthouse

There’s a lot of history at the Cana Island Lighthouse, as the lighthouse keeper’s home is on site, with a lot of historical features. The oil house is also on site, along with more than 8 acres to explore.

So, tell me, have you visited the lighthouses of Door County? I’m ready to go back and explore all that Door County has to offer. There’s truly a treasure around every corner in Wisconsin’s Door County. A lighthouse along the way, just makes the visit all the better. Check out the Door County Visitor Guide to help you plan your visit to this majestic Midwest travel destination.

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25 Comments to The Lighthouses of Door County

  1. SaraB says:

    I am a sucker for any lighthouse!

  2. I love visiting lighthouses when ever we travel. There is something romantic and interesting in them. These lighthouses look different than what we have in California, but they all look pretty.

  3. SaraB says:

    It is nice on the eyes. I could look at a lighthouse all day, everyday.

  4. Lies says:

    I love the red lighthouse. It looks so pretty.

  5. SaraB says:

    No, nobody lives here now.

  6. Jen Morrow says:

    That red lighthouse is so unique! I have never been to this area, thanks for sharing the inside scope on the lighthouses.

  7. Bob says:

    Love that red lighthouse. Anyone live there?

  8. I never visited Door County but this looks so cool especially the second pic. I am always fascinated by light houses. Saw one near San Diego

  9. SaraB says:

    Aren’t lighthouses interesting? They all have their own look and feel… I will climb any of them, just try not to look down at times!

  10. The red lighthouse is certainly distinctive and unique-looking for a lighthouse, and I also like the elevated walkway that leads to it. And I would climb to the top of the Cana Island one, as long as that climb didn’t involve a scary open spiral staircase.

  11. SaraB says:

    The red one was my favorite too!

  12. These look beautiful! I’ve never been to Wisconsin, hopefully that will change soon though 🙂 I really love the red one!

  13. SaraB says:

    It was gorgeous! Door County is one of those beautiful, secret little places.

  14. Carol Colborn says:

    That beautiful red lighthouse on Sturgeon Bay is a photographer’s dream subject! I would definitely go there! Thanks!

  15. SaraB says:

    Door County is definitely a special place, as it’s off the beaten path. I’m excited to go back, as it offers a lot of awesome in the midwest.

  16. I’ve never visited Door County but I have been to Wisconsin a few times as my ex lived there. It’s definitely one of the overlooked states and I’d love to go back and explore more! I actually hate that I didn’t see more while I was there. I loved the little red lighthouse – I’ve never seen one like that!

  17. SaraB says:

    They have so many beautiful lighthouses in Door County. I would love to go when they have their annual Lighthouse Festival. I need to keep my eyes on those dates for 2016.

  18. I think lighthouses are so neat. Your trip to Door County has made me put it on my future vacation list!

  19. Chris and I always try to go see lighthouses when we are traveling and we have seen a couple of these but not all of them. Now I know which ones to go visit when we make it to Door County again!

  20. Lighthouses are one of our favorite things to visit when we are on trips. I have seen a couple of these but not all of them so I think it might be time for another road trip! Thanks for the great ideas of where to go.

  21. Donna Hup says:

    I had so much fun seeing these with you! Can’t wait for our next road trip!

  22. SaraB says:

    You got it~ Great scenery, fun lighthouses and then the AWESOME food!

  23. I love Door County and I love lighthouses. What a winning combination!

  24. SaraB says:

    I hope to return to Cana Island on a warmer, brighter day! It was a beautiful setting.

  25. Katy F says:

    I love Door County and Cana Island is by far my favorite!

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