Tips For Exploring St. Augustine On The Trolley

Exploring St. Augustine by trolley will make your visit a success. St. Augustine is one of my all time favorite towns and on a recent visit I was surprised to find so many awesome things around every single turn. If you don’t like fighting parking while traveling, I have found a solution for you.

Exploring St. Augustine is so easy when you hop on Old Town Trolley Tours. When you board the trolley, you will not have any parking worries, as the trolley will stop in several fun places throughout St. Augustine. It’s best to familiarize yourself with a map of St. Augustine before you board the trolley, so you know when and where you need to disembark.

Explore Nature Along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

I boarded at Stop #1: The Old Jail.

There are four other stops where Old Town Trolley tickets and more can be purchased. The parking at Stop #1 is convenient and easy to use. Your ticket does include free admission to the St. Augustine History Museum and free use of the Beach Shuttle. Note: Complimentary hotel shuttle service is available.


Old Town Trolley Tours has several stops in St. Augustine and it’s OK to hop on and off where you want to go. When you are exploring St. Augustine by trolley, it’s easy to hop on and off. Keep in mind that the trolley runs the same route and you will not return to Stop #2, until you have completed the whole route, which takes a good 90 minutes. Your driver will announce the drop off locations throughout the route.

Visit The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine will leave you with your jaw dropping. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine is the oldest Catholic church in the city, and the oldest parish in the United States.

Pace yourself accordingly. And hey, if you are on vacation, what’s a little bit of time riding a trolley around, right? With stops throughout St. Augustine, you will find the awesome attractions that you want to visit.


If you love history, be sure to stop at Castillo De San Marcos and The Fountain of Youth. On the day I visited Castillo De San Marcos, a United States Naturalization Ceremony was taking place. Your annual national park pass will grant you entrance into Castillo De San Marcos.

Naturalization Ceremony St. Augustine

Visitors were allowed to explore The Fort and observe. I took it all in and had a new appreciation of what being an American Citizen means to me. The Fountain of Youth was beautiful and offered an opportunity to learn more about the history of St. Augustine.

Exploring St Augustine

The Old Town Trolley drivers are also very knowledgeable, in regards to Florida history and all that St. Augustine has to offer.


St. George Street is my go to street when it comes to shopping in St. Augustine. From hats, jewelry and beautiful pottery there is something for everyone.

Pottery In St. Augustine

A day of shopping in St. Augustine would not be complete without a slice of pizza from Pizza Time and a pastry from the Spanish Bakery & Cafe.

Old Time Trolley Tours in St. Augustine will take a lot of stress off of you, the traveler when exploring America’s Oldest City, St. Augustine. It’s also important to note that many hotels in the area offer free transportation to Stop #1 of Old Time Trolley Tours. Have fun exploring St. Augustine and don’t be afraid to hop on and off the Old Time Trolley!

*Thank you to Florida’s Historic Coast for providing me with a pass to experience all that St. Augustine has to offer.

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