Theodore Roosevelt National Park: #1 Park For Families To Visit

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the #1 national park for families, as your kids have the opportunity to see wildlife that they cannot see in other national parks. How many times have you visited a national park and heard family members say that they cannot see anything due to the high volume of traffic? Head to Theodore National Park, you can see and do everything your heart desires!

Theodore Roosevelt NP

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, located in North Dakota, is one of several beautiful national parks that is celebrated on the day that the National Park System turns 100 years old, August 25,2016. I recently spent some time exploring the North and South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and had several jaw dropping experiences. If you and your family are wanting stunning views, wildlife viewing and few people and traffic, this is your national park. Common sense comes into play, as it is never OK to approach wildlife while in a national park. Due to the fact that there is so much wildlife in this national park, it would be tempting to get close. Stay in your car and be smart!


Fact of the matter is, you will not drive in bumper to bumper traffic in this North Dakota National Park. I loved the fact that I had trails and views all to myself. Where else in the national park system can you experience this?

Road in Theodore NP

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is unique in the fact that there are two separate units, the North Unit and South Unit.

Directions to the North Unit:  The North Unit entrance is on U.S. Highway 85, approximately 14 miles south of Watford City, ND and 50 miles north of Belfield, ND. The distance by road from Medora to the North Unit is approximately 70 miles. I-94 travelers can access U.S. Highway 85 at Exit 42 in Belfield, ND. I made this trek and highly recommend that you plan a visit to the North Unit when in North Dakota.

If you are traveling I-94, be sure to stop at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center (it’s free), as it’s located seven miles east of Medora at Exit 32. Travel tip: Visit this area at sunrise.


Medora is where the entrance to the South Unit is located. Directions to the South Unit: The South Unit entrance is next to the town of Medora, ND. Medora is accessible via Interstate 94, exits 24 and 27. Medora is 133 miles west of Bismarck, ND and 27 miles east of the Montana state line.

The North and South Unit both offer wildlife viewing and views that will leave you with a new appreciation of what the United States has to offer. The wide open spaces and the ability to reconnect with nature, make this the #1 national park for families to visit.

Theodore Roosevelt NP Trail

Have you explored Theodore Roosevelt National Park? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience. If you have not, what’s holding you back? Hop on I-94 and create an epic North Dakota Road Trip! Tour the Enchanted Highway and complete your journey at the Medora Musical and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

*Thank to the folks of North Dakota tourism for hosting me.

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18 comments on “Theodore Roosevelt National Park: #1 Park For Families To Visit

  1. Dani Lin on said:

    I never knew ND had a national park! Thanks for tackling the smaller gems.

  2. SaraB on said:

    You will have a great vacation!

  3. Planning on a trip to theodore roosevelt later this year, September to be exact ;). Looking forward to it.

  4. Looks absolutely serene!!

  5. My kids would love it here. Beautiful photos. There’s nothing like hiking with nobody else around at all.

  6. Christine on said:

    Looks like a beautiful place to visit

  7. We live near the rockies, so we love national parks. would love to visit this one!

  8. Haven’t been to many national parks, but this one is going on the list for sure!

  9. Just got back from Rocky Mountain National Park and now would love to go North Dakota. Th ask for sharing…

  10. Yes, you are spot on! You can see everything and I mean everything, it’s a GREAT park.

  11. I haven’t been there, but I’d sure love to see it. I like that it is not crowded, which to me makes visiting the parks so much better.

  12. suzannestavert on said:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Did not know about this park but sure enjoyed hearing about it and seeing the great photos. Would love to make it to this area one day.

  14. I really love the National Parks of US. Theodore Roosevelt Park is a real gem. It would be a great fun experience for the entire family.

  15. I loved coming upon the wild horses, such a fun thing to see!

  16. thewordhermit on said:

    We absolutely love this park – it was the first of a national parks tour we did a few years ago, and we were blown away by the scenery, the lack of tourists, and the bison and wild horses. It still tops our list, and I agree that it’s #1 for families!

  17. This is so beautiful. I am sure both kids and adults will cherish the experience equally.

  18. This National Park looks lovely. I definitely have to head up to the Dacotas one day. The landscape is so stunning!

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