Glacier National Park

Three Highlights of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of those national parks that people say they would love to visit. Yet, they don’t make the trek. It is located in the northwest part of Montana, and it is off of any major highway. That’s what makes the road trip to Glacier National Park so much better. It makes for an awesome road trip! Are you thinking about going? Here are three reasons why you need to start planning your visit to Glacier National Park today.

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Lake McDonald is a must-visit while exploring Glacier National Park.


Lake McDonald


It’s the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Here you can find views that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Here is where you can also catch the world-famous, “Red Bus Tours.”


red bus tours



You may be thinking that Avalanche Lake is another hiking trail. True, it is a hiking trail, yet it offers a family-friendly hike. It’s four miles round trip, and there is some uphill climbing to the lake. Our boys hiked this trail when they were 6 and 10. There is some hiking involved, but the views at the end of the train make for the perfect place to have a picnic. I would highly recommend getting up early before the parking lot fills during the summer season. The views of the lake are stunning, be sure to stroll around it for different views.


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Avalanche Lake


I have not hiked to Avalanche Lake in the evening, but I have been told that the views around dusk are stunning. If you do hike near sunset, pack and plan accordingly. There are pit toilets on this trail and my experience has been that it’s good to remember to pack toilet paper in your pack. The photo opportunities along this trail are amazing, so make time to take it all in.


Spider Web on Trail to Avalanche lake



The Going To The Sun Road is the main road that crosses Glacier National Park. There are several pullouts along this road, and I would highly suggest that you make time to utilize them. We stopped and pulled out our folding chairs and had sandwiches at one point. A few tunnels along the route and a Weeping Wall with magical views, make the drive one of the world’s best.


Tunnel in Glacier National Park


As with any road trip, mother nature often determines how it all goes. On our first day in Glacier National Park, the Going To The Sun Road was closed part way up due to ice. It’s important to remember that the weather can change on a dime when driving through the mountains. We could travel up to the Weeping Wall and join several other national park visitors patiently waiting for the road to open.


Parking on Going To The Sun Road


We ended up going over the pass the next day, as the ice had melted. The views with a fresh blanket of snow and ice were stunning!


Glacier National Park


After you spend a full day exploring Glacier National Park, head into Kalispell. Here you can dine at Norm’s. Order a burger and a shake and you are good to go! Glacier National Park is one of those national parks that once you visit, the park will be calling your name for a return visit.

Happy Traveling~ Sara

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28 thoughts on “Three Highlights of Glacier National Park

  1. Cool- I love that hike! I am also always sure to have toilet paper in tow~ those little houses are not always stocked!

  2. We hiked Avalanche Lake in the evening last August. The best part was that people seem to leave the park enmass around 5pm- so we had no trouble parking and didn’t see many people.
    We even saw a black bear at the lake!

  3. Looks amazing! Glacier National Park is definitely on my list, as I am a huge national park lover! Nature there looks so beautiful and tempting. I would love to go for a hike on those surroundings and visit the lakes.

  4. Glacier National Park looks stunning. A road trip through this park is definitely the stuff that dreams are made of. What stunning landscapes. I loved the picture of Lake McDonald, it looks so ethereal and enchanting.

  5. I simply liked the place, it is absolutely gorgeous. And the names are also so interesting – Avalanche Lake! I would definitely like to visit this place.

  6. Glacier Park is gorgeous!!! Wow! I haven’t been to the US yet, but I’ve actually read a lot of posts about Glacier Park recently and it has definitely caught my attention!
    I’m not much of a hiker though, but I do love being outdoors and experiencing the beauty and serenity of nature.

  7. Yes, this park is similar to some of the beautiful mountains that you do have in Canada. Plan a visit- you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Yes, Lake McDonald will take your breath away. And as usual, the photo does not live up to the majestic view that it has.

  9. Looks like a great day trip with the family! I would also love to hike the Avalanche Lake in the evening. I’m pretty sure it is stunning! You have great photos, btw. 🙂

  10. I’ve seen photos of many national parks in North America, but the ones with lakes in them are notably the most breathtaking. The serene Lake McDonald is so photogenic. It must have taken my breath away if I were to see it in person! Just unparalleled beauty that even the most beautiful photos can’t do justice!

  11. What a spectacular National Park. It reminds me of Canada, and this would make sense since Montana is so close to the border. I would really like to travel through the northern state of the US and seem some of your National Parks.

  12. Wow! The scenery is stunning, and the views from the hiking trails look amazing. I don’t think there’s any such thing as too many lakes – the photos alone would make it worthwhile!

  13. You would love this national park. There is so much to do and there is beauty all around you.

  14. Montana looks beautiful and I hope we make it there some day. I would really like to do that hike around Avalanche Lake and see the beautiful Lake McDonald. A picnic in this park would be awesome.

  15. I loved this post because it brought back so many great memories! You know we think Glcier is a very special place. I was just thinking earlier this week that I really had not done posts on Glacier other than the initial one and needed to go do another one. Thanks for the nudge to go look at my photos again!

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