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A Surprise Find In North Iowa: Floyd County Historical Museum

On a recent visit to Charles City, Iowa and Red Cedar Lodge I was surprised by a treasure that too many folks drive by, including myself. I had driven by the Floyd County Historical Museum several times and was glad that I was forced to visit and explore while in town.


The tractors here are numerous and are in tip-top condition. Fun fact: Charles City, Iowa is where the word tractor was coined in 1901.

Hart and Parr set up shop in Charles City, Iowa in 1897, which evolved into bigger things in the world of the tractor. In 1903 Hart and Parr built 15 tractors, the first successful production-model tractor line in the United States.

Hart Parr Little Devil Tractor

In 1929, Hart-Parr was one of four companies that merged to form Oliver Equipment Company and the White Farm- New Idea Equipment Company.

Oliver 70

It’s no secret that Iowa is my home and I am an Iowa farm girl. The moment I walked in and saw that agriculture was a huge part of this museum, I knew my visit would hit a home run.


I enjoyed the tractors, but you know what really surprised me? The Legel Drugstore Collection is a treasure that everyone needs to see. How often have you walked along the main street and thought, “Where did those old fashioned drug stores go?” Well, the Floyd County Historical Museum has the Legel Drugstore Collection on site, with artifacts from 1884-1962.

Drug store in Floyd County Museum

Does anyone remember doing this for an eye exam?

Sara eye exam


The Floyd County Historical Museum also surprised me, as it’s open all year long. Often times museums like this in the midwest are closed 1/2 of the year. Plan a visit and you won’t regret it. Standard hours are: Monday-Friday 9 am- 4:30 pm, in May, add Saturdays from 1- 4 pm. For the months of June, July and August add Saturdays and Sundays from 1- 4 pm.

Admission is as follows:

Adults: $5

Ages 6-18: $3

Children under 6, FREE

Another plus: There is complimentary wifi throughout the building, which means you can easily share your experience through social media.

This is just a “touch” of what the Floyd County Historical Museum has to offer. Plan a visit now and you won’t regret it!

*Thank you Charles City, Iowa and Floyd County Historical Museum for hosting me.

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20 thoughts on “A Surprise Find In North Iowa: Floyd County Historical Museum

  1. It looks like a an exciting day. Pictures are so colorful and museums so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great to see how do they do the Snellen eye test before 🙂 Would definitely try to peep also in that hole and check how blurry my vision is…
    Thanks for sharing about Floyd County Historical Museum and mentioning that it has free wi-fi :)))

  3. I didn’t know that in Iowa the word “tractor” appeared first. I’m definitely a museum type of girl and I would love one day to visit this one.

  4. Thanks for the introduction and I had an idea that even a museum in North Iowa is kind of “argricultural related” 😛 @ knycx.journeying

  5. It looks like an interesting museum to visit for going back in the past times. It was great to learn where the tractor name comes from. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s really an interesting museum! And this Iowa farm gal had no idea that so many people were so fascinated by tractors. I agree $5 is a steal for a museum like this.

  7. That’s a great place to visit for just $5. Would love to read up a bit more on the history of tractors haha, as sad as that sounds!

  8. I love stumbling upon fun finds like this in my own home town. The old apothecary shop sounds fascinating – I always enjoy taking peek back into what life was one like.

  9. A timebending adventure into the past. I’ve seen some of those drugstores in old black and white movies. Thank you for showing me one in colour!

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