Ziplining Through The Wharf In Orange Beach, Alabama

Ziplining in Orange Beach, Alabama is so easy and fun. Make time to explore The Wharf and schedule a ziplining tour while visiting. My husband and I enjoyed a hosted experience as we zipped along this course and the opinions expressed here are mine.

Ziplining Alabama

My husband and I recently experienced The Hummingbird Zipline Course at The Wharf and I must tell you, it was as fun as it looks.


I had ziplined in their old location and had yet to experience the new experience over at The Wharf. This was the first time I had ziplined in Alabama and felt like I was in a rainforest. Who knew that the feel of ziplining through a rainforest was a thing along the Alabama Coast?

Hummingbird Zipline Course

With 8 zip lines to experience, your adrenaline will be pumping. Here are some tips on how to make your experience a fun one.


Alabama can be hot! Be sure you have on lightweight clothing, as you will be climbing a lot of stairs. Wear closed in shoes, as in a good pair of tennis shoes and/or closed toe sandals that are good for walking and climbing. Keep in mind you will be sporting a harness, helmet, and gloves, so dress as light as possible. Eyeglasses and sunglasses should fit well, as this is a high activity zip line course.


The best tip I can give you is to leave your cell phone and camera back in a locker where you suit up. You are responsible for your property and there’s a good chance that your cell phone or camera will fall while zipping through the course. A professional photographer will follow your group along the course and take photos of you. If you need photos of this fun experience (which I’m sure you will) they are worth it.

Hummingbird Zip Line Course

The photographer knows where the best shots are and is sure to capture your experience in a way you want to remember the course.


Hummingbird Zipline is a busy course and you do need to arrive on time. Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time and be ready to have fun. If you arrive late, it’s up to you to be patient and accept the fact that the owners will do their best to fit you in. Allow a minimum of 2 1/2 hours (depending on the size of your group) to complete the course. Do you have a large group? Call them at 850-203-9276 to arrange for group pricing and availability. Corey and Tripp were awesome guides, as they were patient and did not leave me hanging!

Hummimgbird Zipline Guides

I had never been on a zip line course where a ropes course was also part of it. This was a first for me and I am happy to report that I did it! The staff at Hummingbird Zipline are friendly and patient, which is something I always appreciate. Are you ready to go ziplining along the Alabama Coast? Book your experience here and let me know how your tour went, as I’d love to hear about it.

*Thank you to Hummingbird Zipline Course for hosting my husband and I.

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